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Ban: Cocraven2018

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Ban: Cocraven2018

Postby ~Luc » Mon Jan 13, 2020 2:07 am

Staff: Joint staff decision
Banned Player(s): Cocraven2018
Reason for Ban: Creating a false report/post to defame a member of the community
Action Taken: 1 month Ban
The evidence can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=199&t=35460
This issue came to staff’s attention almost immediately, and has been a difficult problem to approach. This is against the forum rules, which can be seen here: Image
Cocraven's behaviour clearly violates the third and fifth bullet points. This is considered to be harassment of bootstoo there have been ongoing issues between cocraven and bootstoo as well as others for a while. As well, although not an official report, this was considered to be a false report fabricated to defame bootstoo in the public eye, and this is most definitely not okay. The staff decided to give cocraven’s forum account a 1 month ban, as well as his second account (cocraven2018#1) a perm ban, as it is against the rules to have more than one account (this can also be seen in the above screenshot of the forum rules, bullet point 4). The staff also felt that it was necessary to give an in-game ban, citing the common sense rule:
If there is anything that is not included in these rules, that gives someone an unfair advantage or damages the server or other players, ask staff if it is allowed or not. We expect people to be able to understand when something they want to do is in the 'grey zone'. When in doubt, always consult a staffmember. If staffmember tells someone to do something, failing to do so will be seen as rule-breaking. If you don't agree with something a staffmember says, post it on the forums. A serious attempt at doing something that would break a rule is treated as breaking the rule.
It should be common sense that if something is against the rules on the forum, it is also against the rules in game, and furthermore, it is common sense that fabricating messages to put someone in a negative light is wrong and unacceptable. Cocraven intentionally fabricated these messages to damage another player, and as such the staff came to this decision. The staff collectively agreed on a ban time longer than 1 or two weeks, and the decision was made for 1 month. Cocraven will be unbanned on February 12th, 2020.
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