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[ECONOMY]Dynamic Economy Pitch -DEV_SUGGESTION-

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[ECONOMY]Dynamic Economy Pitch -DEV_SUGGESTION-

Postby MagnusFrost » Wed Dec 04, 2019 11:59 pm

HelloMiners Economic Expansion: Part 1
Who is This Dude, and Why Should I Listen To Him?
s u h dudes! I'm MagnusFrost, a Plugin Developer for HelloMiners. I am posting this here because I want your feedback on my ideas. In my real life I am a software developer just starting out in my career, in my free time I spend my nights coding plugins for the HelloMiners Server and I love doing it! Currently I am just wrapping up a custom made spawner plugin that will allow us to upgrade spawners, pick them up, change entity type (for a cost), enable/disable entity spawning, and a suite of mod/admin commands for fine-tuned control! I look forward to your feedback!
Stagnant Economy:
HelloMiners above all, is an economy based server, but it's economy has a fatal flaw that prevents world changing economic events from happening. This flaw is that it's economy is stagnant and un-moving. But what does that even mean? What makes it so? Well, as it currently stands there is nothing to aim for, no obtainable goal to work towards other than owning a city or company and companies aren't even a tangible thing within the server, but I plan on fixing that soon. Even cities are a progression dead end as there is no real reason to own a city other than to flex.
Currently the value of an item is defined both by the government and the player-base. This is a problem because as players decide value based on supply and demand, the government is unchanging.
A Dynamic Proposal:
A dynamic, player driven economy is, in my opinion, the best solution to our stagnation problem. How do we achieve this? How do we create a market that moves based on the pillars of basic economics? It's not going to be easy but that's what I'm here for.

Step 1 - Dynamic Prices: This is the easy part. We can develop a plugin that will keep track of all government and shop sales server wide. We will then use the data that this plugin produces to determine the supply and demand of items, and with an economic algorithm determine the future government economy's automatic prices. Knowing the supply, demand, and automatic prices we will be able to judge whether or not to proceed to step 2 and what adjustments we need to make.

Step 2 - Taxes and Automatic Market Adjustment: This will not be a popular step, and I am open to other suggestions but I really do think that this could work. So here it goes: Based upon the supply and demand of an item, the taxes of said item will dynamically go up and down. For example: if someone starts selling a metric butt-load of cobblestone, the supply of cobblestone will skyrocket and without the demand to compensate, the taxes will go up. These taxes will be the responsibility of the seller to pay, encouraging diversity of product production. Adversely, if a company starts a build where a lot of cobblestone is required, the demand of cobblestone will increase and taxes will be reduced, encouraging and rewarding an increase in production. Such a dynamic market presents an issue. This is at the end of the day a block game and we cannot expect our players to be only 24 hours a day to adjust their prices. If something happens that makes the price of cobblestone drop dramatically and a shop owner is not online to adjust their prices, players could then abuse this to buy all the shop owners stock and sell it for a profit. In order to combat this some protections must be put in place. I suggest that we make it as open and adjustable as possible. A tool that disables the shop when the government price reaches a certain percentage away from the shops price and an option that allows shops to automatically adjust their prices based on the running rate for said item is a good start.

Step 3 - A Step Towards Progression: HelloMiners is perhaps one of the most unique servers I have ever had the pleasure to know and work on. I truly love this community and the opportunities that our server gives. The community has perhaps had more development than the server itself, giving itself features such as companies. Companies are not an Admin developed feature, they are developed by you, the community. I want to take your idea and add tangible server-wide features that supplement the daily HelloMiners experience. Real progression is something that this server needs. I want people to be able to build Empires that will live on even when they move on from us, I want people to be able to build legacies. A Company is a group of people that work together to build such a legacy. I want to bring your ideas to volition, including Company owned properties, wallets, shares(including payouts, value estimations, a true stock market, majority shareholder votes), Parent Companies, and many other features that already exist but are not tangible or enforced on the server itself.
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