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[Suggestion] Minor rule changes & general suggestions

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[Suggestion] Minor rule changes & general suggestions

Postby ~Doodle » Wed Dec 04, 2019 12:17 am

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=35454

Hello there, been a while since I've made a post so it's about time!

Today, I'm suggesting the change of a few rules in server rules here. Feel free to talk about whatever you think about these rules, or if they should even be changed.

[+] Item frame and MythicMob glitches
This rule is confusing as it isn't mentioned in the server rules topic, but is constantly broadcasted on the server like so:

Code: Select all
[17:37:43] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [Server] Notice: Staff team will not replace any loss of rare items due to item frames or mythic mobs glitches!
I am here to suggest removal of this rule. Let's break down how this rule is not functioning as intended. Firstly, the server is the admins and technicians responsibility to make sure the server is functioning correctly. If there is a MythicMob glitch, players have 0 control over it. This means if a file is broken and it ends up that the item's particle effects don't work, it is not the player's fault. This rule is suggesting otherwise. By stating staff will not replace a the server error's outcome with loss in items is essentially passing on the fault to the player with the broken item. I see this as quite unfair but I also see exactly where staff are trying to come from with it. Despite this, I think this rule should be removed or should be edited to something more along the lines of "Staff will not replace items that were deliberately put in a position where they could be exploited in normal server actives". This would mean that staff won't replace items that people deliberately try and break using normal server operations. As this was intended, the player should be the one dealing with it, not staff. Please comment what you think!

[+] New subforum for warnings
This one is an odd one. I am suggesting we make a new subforum for warnings, just like bans, but they don't come up in the main feed instead. The reason I suggest this, is so if a staff member was to warn someone, it would be required they post a warning report with records the exact reason to why action was taken. Something like this would benefit future staff and the current staff team as they can see where warnings should be applied, when they're too harsh and not necessary. This also stops any abuse of warnings, like what happened at the start of last month. This is roughly what it would look like:


Something like this should be very easy to make forum side given it follows the exact same format as the banlist but with the linking to the recent posts removed. Thoughts?

[+] Remove the exemption of server threats from the 6 months ban
I suggest that we allow people who have been permanently banned under the class of being a server threat to be allowed to apply for probation on the forums after 6 months and staff have to reply showing publicly the exact reasons to why the probation has been denied or accepted as well as all counterpoints made to those highlighted in the probation application. This means we can allow people who are genuinely active players in the community who have been falsely banned or unable to appeal, be given a chance to have everything shown to prove there are flaws with the evidence with staff publicly countering it. This can also allow for the community to see how staff operate and add any evidence or discuss the application. If someone has been permanently banned and is wanting to appeal 6 months later, it means they want to play, and aren't there to troll. Best not to ingore them. Thoughts on this?

[+] Allowing commenting on ban topics
This was a thing back in early 2017 I believe? I thought it was very good as it allowed the community to highlight errors in a ban or add evidence to prove or counter. It makes it perfect to keep everything in one place instead of having it spread over 15 topics. The latest topic I found which was commented on was around here. Thoughts?

[+] Punishment for not responding to department related topics
This one is largely debated, as it is a major issue that's usually avoided in discussion. The suggestion is to make sure staff and department staff reply to topics in a decent amount of time. Examples of people waiting up to a week can be found here where TLG has bumped his topic for a week with no response. The same goes within ban reports and potentially warning reports. If a ban is made before there is enough compiled evidence, then the staff member will have to deal with the 24 hour time limit they have to post the topic. This means we have good administration over punishments and it leaves the community able to see all the evidence. This ensures there are no false bans or lack of evidence during these events. The punishments would consist of dock of pay for 1 week (department related issues) for everyone in the department without a valued reason for not responding, or if staff, a formal apology explaining why they were unable to post the ban report within the time, as well as a warning. 3 warnings will result in 1 formal warning (of which 3 mean demotion). Thoughts? This could really improve wait times and make sure people aren't farting about when others are trying to do things.

Please comment your thoughts as it's important the community make decisions and have a say in these kind of things.

Thank you.
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