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Ban: Syldrus

A list of all the players that have been, or are, banned from HelloMiners.

Ban: Syldrus

Postby ~T90X27 » Wed Aug 28, 2019 1:50 am

Staff: Ravenmoon01
Banned Player(s): Syldrus
Reason for Ban: X-Ray Hacks
Action Taken: Player banned for 4 months, property to be taken away

Throughout the video, the player is mining in specific directions, their movement possibly automated or assisted. They also ignore most other ores, only mining diamonds.
0:13 - Player already has 30 diamonds and small volumes of other ores, despite just starting to mine
1:20 - Player has 7 inventory slots occupied by diamonds, with over a stack already filled, expecting to fill them with more
Server Rules wrote:General rules
Minecraft is a very open game, which means there are many things that can be exploited. Using exploits or glitches is not allowed in our servers. Duping, exploiting a glitch or plugin to create items, is also not allowed. With regard to mods, we have a simple general rule. Any mod that gives an unfair advantage over players that don't use it is not allowed. That includes Xray, Nodus, and MobRadar, and any other third party clients. When in doubt, ask a staffmember if a mod is allowed.

A 4 month ban, and the X-rayer loses all their items, property, and money.

The player will be banned for 4 months, and their property will be taken from them.