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Ban: qpu

A list of all the players that have been, or are, banned from HelloMiners.

Ban: qpu

Postby ~T90X27 » Mon Jul 08, 2019 2:54 am

Staff: Ravenmoon01, ozapenguin
Banned Player(s): qpu (~lobster), LedfordsRule, Orca365, jagarzaplaysmc
Reason for Ban: Multi-Accounting, Illegal Money Gain
Action Taken: Player banned for 8.4 days, illicit funds to be removed
[+] logs
[21:13:18] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 can one get banned for alting for no reason?
[21:13:26] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> I mean, possibly ?
[21:13:27] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> just for test reasons
[21:13:56] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] The following players previously logged in from that IP address:
[21:13:56] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] LedfordsRule, Orca365, jagarzaplaysmc, qpu
qpu asks about whether or not alt accounts used for testing can get banned. Checking their IP shortly after reveals three other accounts on the same address.

[21:16:06] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Hello.
[21:16:18] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] hi
[21:16:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] I might have some quick questions.
[21:16:29] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] :O
[21:16:33] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] k
[21:16:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] First of all, do you know someone by the name of Orca365?
[21:16:56] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] yes
[21:17:06] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Who would that be?
[21:17:12] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] a player?
[21:17:24] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] idk
[21:17:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Would that be an account of yours?
[21:17:28] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] no
[21:17:34] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] The following players previously logged in from that IP address:
[21:17:34] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] LedfordsRule, Orca365, jagarzaplaysmc, qpu
[21:17:56] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Odd
[21:18:00] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] y?
[21:18:01] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Do you know LedfordsRule?
[21:18:08] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] no
[21:18:20] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] What about jagarzaplaysmc?
[21:18:24] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] yes
[21:18:24] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] Balance of jagarzaplaysmc: F1,489.79
[21:18:26] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] why?
[21:18:52] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Just curious, because you were asking about the legality of using testing alts, and all three of these people seem to share an IP
[21:19:12] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] weird
[21:19:16] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Are they friends?
[21:19:20] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] idk
[21:19:34] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] how did u find this out?
[21:19:38] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] is it with my ip?
[21:19:54] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] They do share an ip with qpu
[21:20:00] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] wtf
[21:20:17] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] idk them
[21:20:21] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] but ive alted with them
[21:20:24] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] im gonna be honest
[21:20:30] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] it wasnt for any bad reason
[21:20:37] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i was just testing the community
[21:20:42] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] So, what did you do with them exactly?
[21:20:44] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] am i in trouble?
[21:20:46] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] uh
[21:20:51] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i honestly dont know
[21:21:00] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] im gonna be honest again
[21:21:03] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] When was this, 4, 5 days ago?
[21:21:07] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] about idk
[21:21:30] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Alright, just inquring about them, was looking somewhat suspicious
[21:21:34] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] wym
[21:21:40] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] how?
[21:21:42] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] in what way
[21:21:46] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Asking about using alts in chat, having alts
[21:21:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] o
[21:22:39] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] You have no idea what you used them for?
[21:22:47] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i do but like
[21:22:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] ugh
[21:23:06] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i dont wanna get in trouble
[21:23:07] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Just have to ban the alts
[21:23:37] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] so i wont be?
[21:24:09] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] As long as you didn't do anything with them, illegal stuff, transferring their money to yourself or a friend, etc, you should be fine
[21:24:36] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] What do you mean?
[21:24:38] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] like
[21:24:41] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] da_panda
[21:24:44] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] was being nice
[21:24:44] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Ah, I think I get it now
[21:24:49] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] and i paid him
[21:25:49] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Were you just seeing how people would react to a new player?
[21:25:57] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] not exactly
[21:27:09] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] im sorry :(((
[21:27:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] So, is there anything else you'd like to add to that?
[21:27:32] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] not really
[21:27:48] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Ok
:19] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] will i be punished..?
[21:28:20] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] So, for now, you want to use qpu, have me ban the other three?
[21:28:25] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] yes
[21:28:28] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Ok
[21:28:48] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] I'm not promising you won't be punished, but I will get back to you on that
[21:29:28] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i didnt wanna lie because if you found out id be in more trouble
[21:30:20] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Why I'm asking, making sure everything is cleared up
[21:31:37] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] when will i be banned?
[21:31:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Do you know LedforsRule or Orca365? Did you use them?
[21:31:57] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] they were my alts
[21:32:00] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Ok
[21:32:11] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i joined and left
[21:32:14] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] i cant really remember
[21:32:51] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] I'm just going to ban them for now, will get back to you at some point
When confronted about the accounts, qpu initially denies being related to some of the accounts, but later admits to alting on them. When asked which account he wanted to use, qpu was chosen, and the other three accounts were banned.

Later, the following server logs were found, showing Orca365 paying qpu F1400, something qpu did not admit to.
[12:30:28] [Server thread/INFO]: Orca365 issued server command: /pay qpu 1400
[12:36:06] [Server thread/INFO]: Orca365 issued server command: /pay qpu 1400

[22:45:45] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Hello.
[22:45:49] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] hi
[22:45:57] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] So, quick question(s)...
[22:46:01] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] im scared
[22:46:11] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] If only
[22:46:27] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Do you know LedordsRule, Orca365, and jagarzaplaysmc?
[22:47:17] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Do you know them?
[22:47:21] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] know who
[22:47:29] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] LedordsRule, Orca365, and jagarzaplaysmc
[22:47:35] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] theyre my alts
[22:47:38] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Ok
[22:47:45] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Did you do anything with them?
[22:47:48] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] nah
[22:47:52] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] like i said
[22:47:56] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] transportation hacks
[22:47:57] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] p much it
[22:47:59] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] You sure?
[22:48:02] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] really bored
[22:48:03] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] yes
[22:49:10] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] Did you have fun?
[22:49:14] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [~lobster -> me] no lol
[22:49:57] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [me -> ~lobster] If you say so...
[22:53:13] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> Hey qpu.
[22:54:02] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> So qpu, do you wish to hear a poem?
[22:54:08] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 fuck
[22:54:09] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> off
[22:54:16] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> If you say so.
[22:54:33] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> But, if you wanna be rude about it, I'll get staight to it.
[22:54:53] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> ban me as you will, idgaf anymore.
[22:54:59] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> this server is getting worse by the day
[22:55:11] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <FMDIAMOND> roses are red violets are blue if you dont shup up you will be muted too
[22:55:16] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> No FMDIAMOND
[22:55:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> It's, roses are red, violets are blue, I'm going to ban you.
[22:55:37] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <FMDIAMOND> lol
[22:55:43] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 i
[22:55:45] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 dont
[22:55:48] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 fucking
[22:55:50] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 care
[22:55:54] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <Mod ~T90X27> But yeah, qpu, you're being banned for using alt accounts to illegally gain money. ?
[22:56:01] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> Ravenmoon01 wtf
[22:56:04] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> i didnt do shit
[22:56:06] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> proof
[22:56:07] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> proof
[22:56:07] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> proof
[22:56:08] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> proof
[22:56:30] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:30] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:30] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] <~lobster> fuck this server
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] Ravenmoon01 tempbanned qpu for 201.6 hours for 'Multi-accounting'
[22:56:31] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [-] qpu left the game
After the server logs showing Orca365 paying qpu F1400 are found, qpu is confronted again, and again fails to mention paying himself when asked if anything was done with them. While stirring trouble in chat, qpu is told that he's being banned for gaining money using alts. He then denies it, asks for proof, and proceeds to spam insults against the server, before getting banned.

Server Rules wrote:Multi-accounting:
When it is proven or extremely likely that two accounts are being operated by one person, both accounts will be banned temporarily. The player will then have the choice with which of the two he can continue playing, after which the other account will be permanently banned.

If someone illegally gains money in a way that is not a direct disadvantage to another player, the ban time will be 1 day of ban for every 200F gained in this way. The money or property that was gained will be taken away from the account.

Lying about the offenses when there is incontrovertible evidence that disproves innocence:
20% increase of total ban time

F1400 / F200 = 7 days (Illegal Money Gain) + 20% (Denying) = 8.4 days

The player will be banned for 8.4 days, and the illicit money gained will be removed. As they have already chosen qpu to be their main account, LedfordsRule, Orca365, and jagarzaplaysmc will be permanently banned.
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