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Horizon Awards 2019 [VOTE!]

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Horizon Awards 2019 [VOTE!]

Postby Ryan In The Horizon » Fri Jun 14, 2019 11:03 pm

Horizon Awards 2019
Yes, we are ready to vote! For an recap on what Horizon Awards is... here is an quote from the origonal forum post:
An award system dedicated to seeing who is the best. Seeing as this is the first year, players will nominate something defined by the catergories. If you nominate your own yourself, then it will not be counted for fairness of awards. Sadly voting is not anoymous but after percentages are calculated, all your poll info will be deleted, ect. You would win 1000F if you got the most votes.
[+] Rules
[*]Nominee must have been open for more than an month
[*]Nominee must have at least one region
[*]Nominee Cities have to be approved to enter
[*]Cannot be Government Owned

[+] Catergories
[*]General Company (Company that sells any items - like WholeBlocks)
[*]Service Company (Company that sells an service - like Horizon Limited)
[*]Nether Hub/Tunnel (An way to access a city - like the SFC Tunnel)
[*]Private City (A city owned by the players - like Cape Coral)
[*]Player (Who has done the most work? Who do you think should get this award?)

[+] Dates this year
Nomination: 30th May 2019 -> 13th June 2019
Voting: 15th June 2019 -> 30th June 2019
Award Collection: 1st July 2019 Onwards, will /mail you if you won.

And here are the Nominees:
[+] Nominees
General Company
Agora - ozapenguin, nate, gbt
Whole Blocks - Amoni
Ray's Inc - richie_rich129, Yootay
Service Company
iCentiPay - supermagicalplay
DOME - d0dleysvrz
Private City
Monbay - Felipe
Archendale - WEATHER2DAY
Kingdom of Haven - JPerkinsT19

If you were nominated, and are not part of the HM Horizon Awards Discord (we would find it easier to send images if you join for certificated for forums), or just want to join our discord - join here and message your ign: As an result of the lack of Nether Tunnel Nominees and the lack of step up to the ownership of Desert City Tunnel, that award has been removed. We will be hosting a ceremony in Kingdom of Haven's community hall on the 1st July at 9PM GMT (UTC +1), but if you were nominated and didnt attend, your award will be delivered to an iCentiPay Delivery Center. Nominated? You can't vote, sorry (this is to prevent unfair voting, if caught you will be disqualified).
You can also vote here:
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Re: Horizon Awards 2019 [VOTE!]

Postby Ryan In The Horizon » Thu Jun 20, 2019 9:16 pm

bump, only 10 days left to vote
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