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[Suggestion] Remove grinding penalty & retake the vote

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[Suggestion] Remove grinding penalty & retake the vote

Postby ~Doodle » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:10 pm

Discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=34628&p=344764#p344764

Hello everyone.

A much discussed topic to this day, and has been since around mid 2017 is allowing the grinding penalty to be removed. The reason I bring this up is I have been on this sever 4 odd years now and all the time I have to look for new ways to make money. As of right now, the only stable way I can get it is by offering services, hence the reason I am now in the management for DOME. I also have some shares in bushiness meaning if I'm not making much money, I know every month I will get 10-20k if the company is doing well.
Back in 2018 when I was most active on HM, the way I was making money was either mining cobble and then I found gold farms. Arakorni89 gave me access to his huge gold farm for F400 or so and I could make at least 1k an hour. The problem was, gov didn't buy gold or at least not for a reasonable price. I worked out Da_Kili15 was the best bet as he always had gold for F1.5 an ingot to sell to. However, this wasn't reliable as at any time Kili could decide to remove it. Another problem was everyone was selling to him too therefore there was nowhere to sell this gold. The other problem was there wasn't a bounty for killing the pigmen therefore it was pointless continuing if the gold wasn't able to be sold.
Later in the year, I looked into stone and how much you could really make. I found a gen which could do around 65,000/hour on the server and then I built. This meant I had access to stone in an instant. Problem was, it would require a lot of grinding and a lot of pickaxes to do any length of time meaning you had to always be focused on the game, not on your phone or on another monitor. With me also not being able to be at my PC at all times, this meant I had to keep stopping and starting therefore making the entire process highly inefficient. For this reason, I no longer use my insane gen as well as the fact there was talk about making stone just a regular chestshop, not adminshop.
I then moved onto fishing around late march to which was great with the fishing plugin. I could make F700 in around 15 minutes (if I was extremely lucky) which in turn meant I could spend more on employment and helping out players. However, a few weeks back Spartan announced the plugin would detect what size of water you were in which meant afk fishing was rendered useless. Throughout this time I also attempted mob farms but they were impossible as there was no bounty for spawner spawned mobs.

We are now back to square one, no solid way to make money than in an existing multi-million company that only a select few could ever get into such position. New players are in the exact same situation but don't have schematica or loads of money to buy materials for build projects or whatever. There is no way to make money anymore and the community have made countless attempts to get staff to see this. Other suggestions removing the grinding penalty include:

Discussion: Remove Grinding Penalty/Detection - Discussion
Yes: 32 No: 5
Discussion: Remove Autofishers
[Discussion] Adding wither bounty (poll)
Yes: 19 No: 8
Bring Mob Grinding Back!!
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Add Wither Bounty Back
Yes: 35 No: 21

The big problem is, all that is ever brought up is speculation about the economy and the same points keep being made but ultimately nobody actually knows what will happen and how it will effect the server. I want to bring up the vote that was made back in march of 2016 and the results. The vote topic can be found here. There were the ultimate votes to the topic:


A. Keep the current situation.
B. Make it impossible to get mobbounty from mobs in controlled situations (what is commonly referred to as 'mobspawners', 'grinders', 'mob-farms', et cetera. Significantly raise the mobbounty, so that players can make money by slaying mobs they encounter in the wilderness. 'mobspawners', 'grinders', and 'mob-farms' can still be used to gather items and XP.
C. Lower the mobbounty for aggressive mobs
D. Lower the spawnrate for aggressive mobs
E. Ban the usage of mobspawners and mobgrinders

What I propose if these topics aren't showing to staff the community wants grinding back, we retake the vote that is now 3 years old and see if people's attitudes have changed. This will give a definite decision on what staff should do instead of having to constantly respond to the abundance of topics being made.

If you could leave your opinion, it would be greatly appreciated!

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