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[FUN] Private City Event Centres

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[FUN] Private City Event Centres

Postby LordRomias » Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:45 am

The idea is that each private city of a high enough tier can have its own government regioned event centre. This is if the City Mayor applies for this. Here are some potential ideas for rules/requirements:

    Expansion land must be bought by the player. Ownership will then be given to the government but should it be removed, it will be returned to the city owner.
    Land must not be parented to the city or cover its existing regions.
    City can region directly around it and the event centre will count as part of the city's land and land value (land rules will apply as normal)
    100*100 blocks max
    City owners are responsible for the design of the event centre and must give clear instructions to allow admins to place command blocks
    Limited to 2 game per event centre
    City owner can set a "reasonable" ticket price (i.e. similar value to airport tickets)
    If the city owner is banned, the event centre will be closed until that player's ban is served
    Staff will have the final say on whether the design is approved
    The running of any events is the sole responsibility of the city

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