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120 Block Rule Evictions [Suggestion] [Staff]

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120 Block Rule Evictions [Suggestion] [Staff]

Postby LordRomias » Mon May 13, 2019 11:16 am

My suggestion is that plots that are active and are found to be breaking the 120 block rule are reported here on the forums like with evictions. Then it is the responsibility of the City Dept to investigate. Once the eviction has been approved, Staff can then proceed to evict and refund the land value automatically.

Players will be notified in game and signs placed, giving 2 days per plot to remove their belongings. Plots of a significant size may be given extra time at the discretion of the city dept. If they haven’t removed it in the given time and a city wants to expand then the plot will be removed. This is regardless of the player being online or not.

If the city is not expanding at that time but may have the option to do so in the future and the player isnt online, staff will wait until that player returns to the game before the 2 days start.

This gives an orderly process that is strict but also measured and gives more confidence to players that they will be treated fairly.

Inactive plots can still be removed and not subject to this process.

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