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Custom Foods plugin [Suggestion] [Economy]

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Custom Foods plugin [Suggestion] [Economy]

Postby ~Satan » Wed May 01, 2019 5:45 pm

The introduction of the brewery plugin has been a great success. The current market cap of this industry has been growing ever since and is currently on it's way to reach 1 million forsals.(read more about this in my Industry Insights report here

This industry has brought some welcome change to the economy of our server which was rather homogeneous with plain simple retail, apartments and real estate.

What I'd like to propose next is to launch the custom food industry as well. We could start off with simple plain recipes like we did with the brewery plugin and later move on to custom private recipes.

Apart from bringing some cosmetic roleplay elements to the server (having burger joints, drive thru's etc) I think that these foods should give certain effects as well. Like if you were to make a burger with Cooked beef, bread and carrots for example it should give more hearts than just plain simple cooked beef.

If we were to allow custom recipes as well companies could pay more for better effects and we could call it "Research and Development costs".

So let's say Wholeblocks were to buy a recipe for a burger that heals you entirely it would have to cost like 500K in R&D and they'd have to market their burger really well to earn back the money they spend on R&D and turn a profit, just like companies have to do in real life.

The economy would really benefit from this as players would invest more into developing the best food products. It also would revive the dead food industry since pretty much everyone just buys steak these days.

I'm not entirely sure what plugins would work best for this as plugins aren't really up my alley but I found this:

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