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DOME Inc. announcement

Postby d0dleysvrz » Fri Mar 15, 2019 3:06 am

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Hey everyone,

As of late, DOME Inc. has been having some trouble keeping up with the amount of jobs hired.
We have also noticed people being unsatisfied with the long waiting times on some of the jobs hired. In name of the management we would like to apologize for all the delays and though some jobs were canceled we have now taken the needed consequences towards our employee rules.


This means all of our jobs will now follow a strict due date system where a due date is set when every jobs start. These due dates start at 2 weeks going up to 4+ weeks when the project gets bigger. When this due date is not reached, you will get 15% off the job price, and after that an extra 20% every week after the due date.

We will also handle evictions you may have going on, we can contact city owners and keep them posted on the situation.

Our terms and conditions will be adjusted to these new rules so that you have a clear overview of how we handle our employees on jobs.


We have partnered up with a new company on the architecture market, Destiny builders. They will now be moved onto any of our jobs we will not be able to handle. By doing this we create assurance that your jobs are handled with care as they benefit from our service and we create new oppertunities for a rising business by giving them jobs to work on. Building their own reputation while doing it!

This means,

DOME Inc. is now open to business for any new jobs you might have, big or small.

You can hire us by creating a ticket in our Discord channel, which can be found at the top of the page.


DOME Inc. Management
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