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[Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Staff

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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby BaileyVandenbroek » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:19 am

Sometimes it may look unfair but I think staff members should make vow to have a majority of staff to approve a decision that could help in those situations.

Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby Diamond » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:51 am

~Felix wrote:As you all must know, I am Felix.

oh shit i have no idea
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby Gerhard » Sun Mar 17, 2019 1:28 pm

丂の爪千ノ匚 wrote:
sgtsurfinbyrd wrote:Over my long tenure as part of the HELLO community, I have seen a great many staff members, some good, others not.
As a staff member, it is your responsibility to set the example for everyone else, and that goes even further for admins. You are expected to treat others in a professional and respectful regaurdless of how they treat you, not snoop down to their level and be equally as disrespectful in return. Travco, CommandoBeta and Arcticwinter all three examples of former admins who were able to do this, and earned a great deal of respect doing so.

Unfortunately, I have not been playing as of late, but partly due to the behavior of certain staff members. This does not mean I do not care about the server however, as I care very much about it and keep up to date with what is happening. As much I don’t like to point fingers, or call out players individually, I will say that Dr. Steven Strange has not acted in a way that is befitting of a staff member, let alone an admin.

The following is some logs of discord conversation that happened when the forums were getting spammed by the Chinese advertisers.

~DoctorStrangeYesterday at 5:01 PM
Next person who pings me asking if the forum spam is ever going to get taken care of gets my wrath.

~MaximumYesterday at 5:02 PM
strange there is forum spam
like 40 pages of it
~DoctorStrangeYesterday at 5:02 PM

~MaximumYesterday at 5:02 PM
Ravenmoon01Yesterday at 5:03 PM
Please don't piss off the Angry Admin, he's working on it (or something else, as most humans do)
~MaximumYesterday at 5:03 PM
I squish @Ravenmoon01
Ravenmoon01Yesterday at 5:04 PM
~DoctorStrangeYesterday at 5:04 PM
I could have kicked you from this discord Max.
~DoctorStrangeYesterday at 5:05 PM
Well Im not, nor am I in any joking mood. I woke up to about 50+ pings about the forum spam and even after I started deleting them I was still getting pinged asking if Im going to do anything about it.
~DoctorStrangeToday at 9:55 AM
I can gladly resign if that's what you wish.

~ArcticToday at 9:56 AM
Don't resign
MyNameIsSakuraToday at 9:56 AM
This is what we call toxic I suppose
Ravenmoon01Today at 9:56 AM
Strange I really wouldn't suggest that...
MyNameIsSakuraToday at 9:56 AM
Just appreciate that it's not easy
{Trashmen}GerhardToday at 9:56 AM
No need to its just really immature when every time I turn around is you or someone in staff telling a player to simply "Stfu"
MyNameIsSakuraToday at 9:56 AM
Strange is a busy man
He tries his best
~ArcticToday at 9:57 AM
yEaH gErArD
{Trashmen}GerhardToday at 9:57 AM
I wouldnt mind if it was a "Can you please stop and let me do my work?"
~DoctorStrangeToday at 9:57 AM
I have every right to when I'm doing my job and I have people asking when I'm going to do it.

~ArcticToday at 9:57 AM
strange is probably one of the best admins
He's productive
~DoctorStrangeToday at 9:57 AM
This is AFTER I have already told them many times before that I'm doing it.
~ArcticToday at 9:58 AM
He's helpful
{Trashmen}GerhardToday at 9:58 AM
Just keep your cool, dont let dumb shit get the best of you
~DoctorStrangeToday at 9:58 AM
Not my fault people don't want to read.
But this is very frequent
~ArcticToday at 9:59 AM
Gerhard stop wasting everyone's lives by having to read ur toxic rubbish
{Trashmen}GerhardToday at 9:59 AM
~DoctorStrangeToday at 9:59 AM
Where was your cool headedness when I said happy treason day?

Although there were unprecedented amounts of forum spam (somewhere in the realm of 1000 topics) strange first threatens everyone who are messaging him about it (even though they are doing because they care about the forums). When someone pushes him, he immeadiately and rudely tells them the shut-the-fuck-up. He later threatens to quit his admin as if he is holding the server hostage. Perhaps the worst thing he did here was when called out for this he first says that is his position gives him the right to be disrespectful to others.

That conversation alone tells me he is unfit for his position. And personally, I am very saddened that a player like Strange, who make the server look very bad with his actions, retains his position. I do not care how valuable of asset you may or may not be, nothing gives you the right to use your position of power to belittle or be disrespectful towards others.

I understand that that might not have been the best way to handle this, but he later explained to me that he was sick and that his child was too. It must be irritating to say the least to be constantly pinged while having to remove a few hundred spam posts BY HAND and having to take care of your sick child while being sick yourself, all at the same time. He could've just not done anything about the spam posts but he did do something about it, keep in mind his own needs and responsibilities for his child. You should at least acknowledge his situation and give him credit for that.

Every story has two sides and it's easy to see the other side as pure bad, but that's never the case.

You and your child being sick is no excuse for behaving in such a manner. If you did that in your workplace, you would be fired. This is a game, but he is an administrator and is held to a higher standard than any player, as with are the rest of the admin team, they are all held to a higher standard. That is how life works. He is unfit for his position and if it stresses him, shouldnt be on the staff team at all.
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby Dylad » Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:32 pm

I feel like some of this is kind of getting out of hand, especially the situation with Strange and his child.

Staff make a human mistake after being hammered with requests
ECFFAED8-97AF-4EA4-BD4D-B899597F1B38.jpeg (55.76 KiB) Viewed 319 times

I reconsidered my side on this after not commenting for a while and frankly, a lot of it is overblown. I’m sure many of you in situations like this would react similarly. It’s odd not to. Truly, this has became more political than anything.

Now, felix’s evidence shows that he’s unfit, but whoever added the example when he was dealing with his child, that’s totally overblown and flat out political.

At this point, it’s clear that Strange needs to step down or be demoted in a respectful manner. No matter how valuable he is to the server, his temperament isn’t fit for the position. Perhaps a return as a moderator would be fit? I’m not sure, but this looks very bad.
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby soccerboy61 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:21 pm

Diamond wrote:
~Felix wrote:As you all must know, I am Felix.

oh shit i have no idea

I thought it was Felix le cat?
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby CoolPaisie101 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:16 pm

who else is surprised this topic is still actively being debated after almost a week tbh XD
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby SpartanPride7 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:13 pm

Hey Felix,

A joint, select staff team of 3 admins and 13 moderators have decided what to do about your position. All of the staff members are completely unrelated to the reports, so the decision we made here today is completely unbiased and solely based off of the facts of the report, and the current state of the department.

We recognize that what was done to you was not correct. We also have to recognize that there are a handful of players who are currently in a position in the Introduction Department. To make our decision, we had to balance your position with that of the already many players in the department. We had to be fair to you and your rights, while also respecting those who had taken over the department.

With that being said, we cannot give you full control of the department as you have had before. That is because there are many people who put tons of work into the department since you have been gone. Putting you above all of that would be unfair to everyone, just as it was unfair to remove you in the first place.

We hope that this alternative plan we have set out will be fair to you, and also beneficial to the department, as that is what matters most. We ask of you to become a player helper for three weeks. During these three weeks, you will become more comfortable with those in charge today, and see what it is like being a player helper since you were last part of the department. These three weeks are not a punishment, rather an introductory period so that you can obtain a sense of the workings of this edited department.

After the three weeks, you will be appointed to an Introduction Manager. You will be working side by side with ViHQ and KingAndrew, the other two introduction managers. This is because there is no more head position. Instead, all three of you will act as the heads and make important and urgent decisions to integrate new players with the ever growing community.
While the title of this position is not the same as your past one, it is essentially the same. However, instead of only making decisions for the department, you will also be hiring Player Helpers and be able to see how the changes you make affect the Helpers of today.

Now, I recognize that this may not have been exactly what you wanted. However, putting you as the sole head would be rather unfair for those who are in control now. Just like firing you was not right, we cannot fire these current managers and take away their power.

We also want to integrate a better policy to ensure that you cannot be fired unreasonably in the future. We will be borrowing the policy that is used for Staff members. That is a 2 strike system. When you get one strike, nothing will occur. If you get a second strike within one month of the first (strikes will expire after 1 month), you will be removed. Valid reasons for receiving a strike is disrespectful behavior, minor abuse of position, and neglecting your position. We hope that you won't have to receive two strikes and be fired. But, if you are, we at least know it will be done fairly.

In regards to Dr_StevenStrange and _UltraPro_, the same unbiased group that decided your job has decided what is to be done with them. Therefore, they have been dealt with and notified that any more of this behavior will not be tolerated.

Felix, we are ready to start your new position whenever you are :). We are excited to be having you back.


For everyone else:

Please report any of this behavior immediately to an Administrator (and if it was an Admin who had bad behavior, report it to another active admin). Waiting and holding onto your evidence does not help anyone. If you report these issues as it happens, we will be able to prevent any bad behavior before it happens.

I ask that everyone refrains from posting on this topic, as it has been settled now. I will happily speak to any of you if you have further questions. You can PM me on forums, speak to me in game, or message me in discord (SpartanPride7#5210).

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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby ~Felix » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:35 am

Well that’s just enough to make me never wanna play this server ever again. Thanks for the wait and thanks for the mistreatment throughout this entire process. I hope you have a good one but I am done with all of this. These individuals are still part of the team and my position was not given back. Why even make these topics anymore? Players are afraid to post and now I understand why. Sad to see such a great community fall to such inconsistencies.

As for my position, I am technically being demoted to the lowest position initially and then I would be in a much lower position I had previously been in, additionally, the department hasn’t been effective for months so what are you guys trying to cover up here? I can actually quote members of staff including yourself regarding this.... shall I continue to expose this? The fact that these individuals are being given no punishments is actually fucking insane. Thanks for the reason to quit and finally push the few veterans we have left away. I know barely any veterans play anymore and now you can all better understand why. Thank you for all the great times, been a hell of a run.
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby ~Doodle » Mon Mar 18, 2019 12:38 am

What a good place to end this. 2000 views exactly and 2 happy parties. Shame it's now 2001 views as if you are reading this then you have added one smh. Good luck with the job Felix!
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Re: [Report] Continuance of Unfair Treatment by Specific Sta

Postby Cardi » Mon Mar 18, 2019 1:08 am

Strange has a habit of essentially starting minor flame wars persay with players and then giving warnings when he doesn't like the backfire.