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Ban: xDqddyYqto_

A list of all the players that have been, or are, banned from HelloMiners.

Ban: xDqddyYqto_

Postby Beach_ » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:30 pm

Staff: Beach_
Player(s) banned: xDqddyYqto_
Reason for ban: Advertising Another Server
Action taken: Banned for 14 days

I had several players report to me that xDqddyTqto_ was advertising another server through PM. Two of these player gave me screenshots, as seen below. I blurred out the IP part.

[+] ScreenShots



A 7 day ban per recruitment attempt.
Every time someone tries to recruit another player through private message, this is counted as one recruitment attempt.

xDqddyYqto_ will be banned for 14 days as he tried to recruit at least two players.
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