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Snowdonia City Building Design Competition

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Snowdonia City Building Design Competition

Postby LordRomias » Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:51 pm

As part of the Snowdonia City Mayor's birthday celebrations at the end of this month, you are invited to submit your building designs in order to win a free plot in the magnificent Snowdonia City. There are 3 plots in the city to give away at present. If needed, the 3 winners will even get help towards building these designs on the plot you win. :ugeek:


- Buildings must fit within a 20x20 plot.
- Must adhere to the design rules set out on both sides of Snowdonia City's rules board located at x3084, y69, z-2982.
- Buildings must be a tower plot.
- You must post a screenshot of your plot with coords to your building on the build server (
- You must finish your design on the build server and post your screenshot by the 30th November 2018 or it will not be shortlisted.
- Designs must not be copies of buildings already built on the server.
- You must not already have a tower plot in Snowdonia City.

Note: Rewarded plots will be in random locations around the city and may not be front row plots near the airport. If you have a preference for its location, please feel free to note in your post below. All submissions will be judged by me and I reserve the right to giveaway more plots or amend the rules stated above. :D
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Re: Snowdonia City Building Design Competition

Postby yamaazizi » Sun Nov 11, 2018 11:53 am

I’ll submit my design in a bit
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