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[SUGGESTION] The New Hellominers

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[SUGGESTION] The New Hellominers

Postby ~Bloom » Fri Jul 13, 2018 9:28 pm

The New Hellominers
Hello everybody! I am proposing an idea for a new concept for hellominers. Players on this server have received multiple suggestions about removing warps and doing up our airports sadly none of them were to no avail as players complained about the loss of value. I believe I have come up with a solution to the problem that will please both sides of the arguments.
It's time for a change. I own a warp plot and I was one of the main protesters arguing the removal of warps. That may not be the entire solution to fixing this server as I believe this is better but I'm fully in support that we need some change and we need it now. There is no point in arguing that nothing is being done on the server when it's some of the players holding back the change because they spent money on a plot. You'll still get the same rewards as you did before actually probably even better rewards. It might even fix crystal bay. It will give you more opertunity more fun more realism and a greater challenge. Lets change for the future.. Lets make hellominers a better place!

POLL/DISCUSSION HERE: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=30595

What Is It?
Well, this idea is basically dividing the hellominers map into five countries. Each country will have 4-5 people in command designated via election and one player who is the leader of the country which must refer to the others in command who would be either elected in or placed there by the government to prevent a biased outcome. These players would run their countries in competition with one another trying to market the countries as a more attractive place to live.
This would create some healthy competition between the cities and it might actually make them active again.

Now my next idea is fully removing the warp system (apart from the event warps)
If we replace the warp system with a functioning airport system and a transport system using ideas such as (Dr_Stevens) Rail idea players could be transported around cities at speed. This would allow players to fly into a country and take the transport system into downtown and go shopping. Players would spend more time at their selected city since they had to pay good money to get there. We would need to greatly improve our public transport system but it would be something that would be vital to making this work, by dividing the cities into countries (2 cities per country and the land around them) the cities would have to compete giving a more healthy market. The managers (President) of the country would be in charge of daily dilemmas which are normally the admin's issue with things such as removing inactive cities which would be all down to the president. This would free up the admin's timetable and allow them to just keep a watchful eye over what the government of the countries are doing allowing them to spend more time *lurking in the background making mobs*.

Passports :
Passports are something I quite like and believe should be incorporated for realism. Players should require a passport to travel to each country. The passport would allow them to enter an area where they can purchase their ticket like in a real airport. This would create some extra revenue. This would make players pick the countries they wish to travel to giving the countries a more competitive feel while competing for the most citizens.

Capital City

The capital city is a designated area in each country which is basically the connection hub for all regional cities and international countries. This is where the players go for the main shopping and transportation to other smaller cities. These new airports would decrease our dependency on nether hubs and provide a booming retail market at airports as many people pass through an area which could be easily commercialized by opening airport stores. Connections to other cities could be booked via the airport and subway-monorail tickets could be purchased from the airport station. For example it costs 5F for a ticket from the airport to downtown. The players would explore more of the downtown area because once again they paid good money to get there. While they are in town they will notice that a lot of the big companies from the last country were there bringing me onto my next point...

Global Chains
Stores could compete on a global scale this time. Companies could own properties around the world dealing with up to 5 markets instead of just one making the average day for a businessman harder but more rewarding and more enjoyable. Players will notice that stores popular in one country may not be so popular in another as each country may have it's seperate trends adding to the realism on the server. Realism is something this server needs to stay enjoyable. This is an economy roleplay I get it but there is no economy on the planet where we could grind mobs for thousands of forsals a day or get villagers to give us diamonds for pumpkins and sugar. This is something that would enhance the server.

Competitive Edge
As far as I know, this has never been done on a large scale. Hellominers has the player base to put it into action and I'm almost 100% sure it would be worth it to experience something different. The server needs to change we can't stay in the same situation for all our lives. This server is honestly getting a tad boring since it was basically the same in 1.7.10 we can't stop complaining that nothing is happening as every idea that gets posted gets panned by warp plot owners. I being one of those plot owners fully agree with this idea and I believe it should be followed through. It gives warp plot owners area to expand with added realism I don't see what's not to love.

City Tiers
City Tiers could be greatly enhanced by bringing in multiple different buildings such as a new rail station that would be required to connect your city to the main rail station in the capital. The embassy would be a vital connection for you to contact and make deals with the government in the capital city. This can all add to the realism on the server that actually gives all these city tier buildings an actual use.

Nitty Gritty Stuff Providing More Realism...

Currency -
Each country gets it's own bank note system universal for that country meaning that
Ashford and it's closest government city would be on the same currency. This currency can not be used/traded in banks in different countries and must be changed to the other currency in the airport at currency exchange.

Actual Olympics
Since the map will be kind of privatised to non-staffmember governments (Staff will be on the board if they wish) the countries will then be competing for the olympics by getting the rights to hold the olympics and by choosing the best players from regional sports teams to play for the national team. The winner of this could recieve a small cash sum + major funding for the city.

Each city is provided with a certain amount of money which they can spend. They have no more excess money and must rely on other sources of income to raise the rest of their money. Such ways of funding can be toll's on highways, passport stamps, charging for entry to government buildings and social events to raise money. This will allow the city to put the tax-payers money to work and improve their services/infrastructure (Improving public transport/government buildings etc)

And the best part? After the countries have their basic structure in place it's their job from there on out to attract you. The countries can shift change and diversify in order to make you want to visit. It's their job to try and get you living there. It's their job to try to get you to establish your business there. It's not free rein it's controlled by those elected in national elections by the players. Those players are then surrounded by a few people asked to be a parliament by the staff to make sure everything is done legally but after that your new adventure is based on how far your imagination stretches..

I know this will probably get shot down but I tried :P

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