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[Suggestion] [Fun/Economy] Two Plugin Ideas

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[Suggestion] [Fun/Economy] Two Plugin Ideas

Postby ~Maki » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:49 pm

So when looking through a couple of plugin sites for anything that seemed interesting I came across two plugins that I feel would be extremely good additions here and that will add a new layer of depth to the server.

The first of which is a plugin called "Builders Wand": ... 2-2.51577/

For anyone familiar with the Builders Wand or Extra Utilities mods you know exactly what this plugin will do, it is designed to make building more time efficient allowing you to place multiple blocks at once using the blocks in your inventory!

Features of the plugin:
-Wands have adjustable durability
-Adjustable tiers of wands
-Takes the blocks out of your inventory and places them when used
-Compatible with World Guard
-Highly Configurable

The second plugin, I feel would add a whole new layer of complexity to the server and will add a much-needed realism boost to the industrial aspect of the server.

Transport Pipes: ... pes.20873/

The best way to explain this plugin is to think hoppers but with way more use and not limited to only pulling out of chests.
This plugin adds extraction pipes, colored transport pipes, ice pipes, one-way iron pipes, void pipes, crafting pipes and gold sorting pipes!

The potential depth and complexity this plugin has to benefit the server is astounding.

Features of the plugin:
-Multiple new pipes and wrenches
-Crafting Recipes for all new items
-Highly configurable

Link to discussion topic: viewtopic.php?f=190&t=30591
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