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[ECONOMY] Economic Growth Plan

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[ECONOMY] Economic Growth Plan

Postby ViHQ » Wed Sep 25, 2019 10:04 pm

I think everyone can agree that the economy isn't doing so well - and it hasn't been for the past couple years. Little to no growth has been done, companies have monopolized different sectors of the industries, etc.

I have a proposal that may grant new economic growth to happen - let's think of a scenario.

You're a new player, you join the server and you've learned a little bit about it. The major stores are found at /warp rc, /warp c, /warp vc. You've got 2k to your name and want to start a company - but the private cities are dead and nobody wants to go out of their way for your stock.
All the rich people bid up any government plot for sale way past your balance, so you're never able to start earning the money you need to actually play against them without grinding for hours - something you don't have much time to do because you've got school. So you take your losses and invest in a plot in some city that a player led you to - you have no idea if it's active or not but its the only bit of property you can afford. Long story short, advertisement after advertisement, nobody has visited your store.
So you leave the server forever.

Now let's back up to the beginning - to where you're just ready to buy a plot and sell your stock. You can't find anywhere, but you have learned about something beneficial to new players ...

This is where my suggestion comes in. I suggest that we take the currently useless End Island and turn it into a new-player run market where players can easily access your store without owning a warp plot, you didn't have to shell out over 200k for it, and you can actually build a name for yourself and your business.

We could make it look really nice - I'm talking luxurious nice. Players would be proud of their little storefront and want to expand eventually - and now they've got decent capital to go into a government city, and players already recognize the company , and boom - we've got growth.
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