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[Suggestion] Job Plugin

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[Suggestion] Job Plugin

Postby Gold___ » Sat Jul 20, 2019 4:26 am

Hello all,

I am here to talk about a plugin, known as Jobs Reborn.

This plugin allows you to get instantly payed for doing things, such as a chopping trees or mining. You are probably wondering why we would need this plugin, especially since we already have jobs. All jobs on this server are from other players (besides selling items at the GTC). This plugin could completely replace the GTC, and instead have players make their money from the government, then spend the money at player owned shops. This will get money moving around the economy from government to player to player, etc. Our current economy works in a never ending cycle. Money starts in one player's bal and then just moves around other player's bals, but the government never plays a part in any of it. For example, Player A buys 1000f worth of blocks from player B. Player B then buys a plot for 1000f from player C. Player C goes and spends his/her 1000f by hiring player A to do some work. Notice a pattern? The government was not involved in one of these transactions. The only way the money is added to the player economy is when someone joins the server or when there are government jobs, and lets face it, Gov jobs are rarely open and/or require experience. This plugin allows new players to go to the Public Mine, mine the blocks and get payed instantly, instead of having to waste time going and selling at the GTC. This feature adds a fun aspect to the job as well. You feel the urge to keep mining because you start to earn more money the longer you work, as opposed to mining for hours to only get payed 14f a stack. We could also remove the PublicMine and replace it with a job center to accommodate all the jobs that are offered, like woodcutting and sheep shearing.

How It Works
- You select a job through the command /job select
- You get payed instantly for your job
- The more you work, the more xp you will get
- The more xp you get, the more money you will earn doing that job

Why It's Beneficial
- Moves money around in the economy
- Appeals to new players
- Instant pay and fun rewards

Links/References - Official Link ... Sds69tp290 - Youtube Link

Thanks for your time!
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