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[Suggestion] [Economy] Private Cities

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[Suggestion] [Economy] Private Cities

Postby TehSinastria » Mon Jun 03, 2019 12:59 pm

I believe that private cities are killing the server. Players build cities, people come to buy plots, owners get innactive, city becomes a ghost-town, no new people want to buy plots there, old residents leave too. If there was like 2-3 gov owned cities, they would be filled with life.

Option A: Ban Private Cities

As the name suggests remove all of the private cities. Owners and people bought plots in them would get refunded.

Option B: Make Private Cities harder to exist

Private City Owners should pay some kind of tax to gov. Some % of its land value for example.
In order to get a private city running, you would need permission from the government, pay some Forsals for start and have a initial capital of, let's say 1.2m. If this is to be implemented, then I think that raising the price of 1 block of wild would be a good idea too.
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