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[Suggestion] Remove Chat-Mods and other roles from discord.

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[Suggestion] Remove Chat-Mods and other roles from discord.

Postby ~Bloom » Sun Apr 28, 2019 8:33 pm

Hello everyone, I just want to make it clear in this topic without trying to offend anyone. I believe that recent events have highlighted that players are incapable of running the server discord server as moderators policing the behavior on the server.

The team is acting very unprofessional as a whole constantly bickering and being rude to one another. It seems as if a minority of them is making the team look bad but in general we have staff members on the Minecraft server, why can’t those same staff members do the same thing on the discord.

I respect all of the members who are working to keep the systems running but my experience with certain individuals can be only described as ignorant.

I hope you all see this as a suggestion and not a flame war. Thank you.
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