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[Suggestion] New technician?

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[Suggestion] New technician?

Postby ~Weather » Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:12 am

Hello, I am suggesting that the server may look into getting an additional technician that would work with or even possibly replace SK. The server is really in a state of despair and it's quite sad for the entire player base to be waiting on a reply from SK or Tedde which we all know never happens fast. With the server being down and the forums also being down so often lately, we defiantly need someone else to help manage. Maybe we could perhaps get someone that we could contact easier? It's very disappointing the server has been down for so long. This is how HM loses players; we will need to advertise the server after this one because I doubt any new player will be coming back after the server being down for this long. Maybe I am greatly mistaken which I hope I am, but what even has SK done to help the server within the last few months? As hard as it may be, SK needs to be replaced with someone more active. This is going to greatly hurt the economy if the server isn't fixed soon.

~ Weather
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