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[Fun] Marriage?

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[Fun] Marriage?

Postby Tunnel » Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:14 am

*Okay I know this seems like this thread is a joke so id like to begin by saying its not lol

I'd like to toss forward the idea of a marriage plugin such as It's been suggested and denied in the past but now that the server is really focusing more on the roleplay aspect, it might be time.

Ok Tunnel, what about 1.13?
The maker of the plugin i mentioned is working on getting it to 1.13. According to him, there is a test version already available.
This is a family friendly server!
We have an alcohol plugin, and admins drunk driving around? I don't see how that is less "inappropriate" than a message in chat saying "X and Y are now married" '-'
This is a slippery slope! Next thing we'll have sex and drugs and hand holding!
People have been getting rp married for years and the world is not yet on fire. If players just come on for the marriage plugin and not for the actual server (as some have claimed in a previous thread ab this issue) then they can be dealt with like any other trolls. Idk if i'm being too optimistic here but i trust that hm's staff/community will have enough self control to draw the line when enough is enough.
Ok yeah what does this add? Its as useless as your life Tunnel!
Being a minecraft server, HM is a place for people to have fun. This is another one of those additions that helps take hm in the direction staff seem to be steering it in.

If you have questions/concerns, the discussion topic is at

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