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[Suggestion] Government calendar

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[Suggestion] Government calendar

Postby ~Doodle » Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:38 pm

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So recently there has been a lot of talk about new plugins, new department plans, futures of cities, ect. yet I feel there is a lack of communication we players have with the staff. This is an issue an admin said wasn't a problem in a recent press conference, however, I'd beg to differ. I recently talked to an admin who, after admitting they weren't 100% active so they didn't know accurately, they estimated around a 6 out of 10 communication wise. Even for an admin to say the communication is poor is bad in itself. This suggestion will help this out dramatically and allowing players to see everything upcoming at the same time!

What I propose to you here is a government calendar with future plans for events, department changes and frequent updates to what has been completed or what is being done for certain projects the government has set.

It would require an active staff/department member(s) to constantly update it on what they have been doing in their department or team. This is the main con to the whole idea, staff put in charge of these kind of things fail to keep it active which leads to the eventual death of the idea. In order for this not to happen, we need to start with active department & staff members running it first. If a person who is willing to run the calendar at all times is put in charge, they can assign roles to everyone else who would then update it and if not, the overseer would contact the person asking why or find a substitute if they don't respond. I would personally not suggest an admin as they are always too busy to run anything other than things on the server.

The calendar itself would have to be on a spreadsheet as a google calendar would require everyone having to have the login details to the account, which would not be advisable due to the intelligence of some members of the community. I can make a spreadsheet template if this suggestion gets a positive response however it would require people from all departments and projects to come together and say yes to the idea of the calendar and keeping it up to date.

It would work like so. There would be 3 months+ laid out on a spreadsheet with all the departments and projects colour coded. When an update is made, for example, the city department have set a new goal of replacing all the roads with concrete on the 30th of February, they would make a colour on the day and write the event - which is making all the roads concrete. When they finish the event, they mark the end date or the projected end date so people can see when it was started and is going to be finished. This method allows everyone to view the sheet and see almost live updates to what is going on around the server as well as the departments and staff their self using it to keep track of what they need to do or what they are currently doing.

If nobody is in a suitable position to run this, I am more than happy to make this and reach out to everyone who should be part of the project. I also work in a few departments and projects so it would generally help from the beginning. Apart from that, that is the whole idea I had! Thank you for reading this and please post your opinions below, it would help the staff decide to allow this or not.

Thank you,

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