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[ECONOMY] Custom Company Drinks for Brewing Plugin

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[ECONOMY] Custom Company Drinks for Brewing Plugin

Postby ~Deadpool » Sun Feb 17, 2019 10:02 pm

I feel the need to say this.

Brewing unique drinks for use is amazing, but what would be more amazing is....

Letting companies pay the Government to create Company Brand Drinks.
I say 30k for a custom company drink is reasonable.

but there needs to be rules with this.

Example Rules:
The company cannot sell their recipes nor let employees copy the recipes for their own use and gain.
Companies cannot name their drinks after real-life drink brands.
Company drinks are to be named with the abbreviation letters of the company first and then the name of the drink follows.
Company Abbreviation Drink Name
Example Drink: SPFBC Cosmo Rum
Max drink recipes a company can buy is 3 as this fair to competition.
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