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[ECON] Help for Private City

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[ECON] Help for Private City

Postby ~Ryan » Thu Jan 31, 2019 12:33 am

Private cities, as we know, have been (for the most part) dying for a long time. I have hardly heard many people talk about private cities in the few days that I have been back. So that leads us to wonder how we can alleviate this issue. Now I can not take complete credit for this idea as I remember discussing it with someone awhile back, but I still thought I shoukld suggest it as I would love to see it implemented.

When a new player joins the server, they go through the tutorial, and then they spawn at Helloclan City. It has been this way for years and years, but I think it is time to change. This suggestion I am about to introduce easily works with the teleport signs we have. I suggest that we allow players to choose the private city they would like to start out in. After the tutorial, I suggest players are teleported to a room where they can choose the private city to start their HM life in.

As Dylad explained to me, he doesn't believe that this should be a tier reward as I previously thought it should have been. This being because then the larger cities will continue to thrive, and the smaller cities will continue to fall victim to the lack of market. I do believe, however, there should be a few requirements in order to be granted access to this feature, those I will list below:
[+] Requirements
Availability of living (in suburbs, and city/player owned apartment buildings), at least 25% of plots sold, nether tunnel connection to a government city hub, deemed acceptable by a new committee designed especially for this suggestion.

The New Government Department:
In order to ensure that the cities being allowed in this suggestion are suitable, I suggest a new department is implemented into the HM Government. I have not thought of a name for this, so I will just explain what they do. This new department would take applications from private cities, examine the applications, and then examine the cities. If they deem the city to be acceptable, and passes the aforementioned requirements, they then can approve the city and pass it along HM Staff as to get the sign implemented. In order to get through a more cities more efficiently, I suggest that this department be composed of four trustworthy individuals who the staff agrees on hiring.

Overall, I believe this idea would greatly impact the Private City sector of the economy for the better. Thanks for reading the lengthy topic.
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