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[Suggestion] Add obtainable mushroom stems

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[Suggestion] Add obtainable mushroom stems

Postby nicochulo2001 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 1:02 am

Ok so, this suggestion needs a bit of explaining
In 1.12, there is no way to obtain the mushroom stem block, even if you use a silk touch pickaxe. This is because Minecraft detects the source of that stem (huge brown mushroom or huge red mushroom) and it gives you an all-sided version of the corresponding mushroom instead of the stem block. The stem block is available in 1.13 (since it was given its own ID) but the stem block can be placed in 1.12 creative mode using "/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:red_mushroom_block 15" or "/setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:brown_mushroom_block 15" (there is no "/give" command available)
I suggest either adding a stem block drop to the mushroom stem or making it craftable from the all-sided mushroom blocks

Even though it is a niche block, it can be used mainly for two things:
· It can be used on mapart for a specific shade of gray (199, 199, 199)
· It can be used as a building block. It looks good on floors, for example. I made a quick house on build to showcase this (I am not a good designer but I hope it serves as an example :P)
MushroomFloor.png (430.54 KiB) Viewed 127 times

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