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A list of all the players that have been, or are, banned from HelloMiners.


Postby nicochulo2001 » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:13 am

BAN: AgentOinkers
REASON: Reiterated staff harassment
STAFF: bootstoo, magnusfrost, nicochulo2001
LENGTH: 11.9 days


- Common Sense Rule
If there is anything that (···) damages the server or other players, ask the staff if it is allowed or not (···) If staffmember tells someone to do something, failing to do so will be seen as rule-breaking. If you don't agree with something a staffmember says, post it on the forums (···)
- General chat rule
(···) it is not allowed to insult other people, troll ceaselessly, swear excessively, or spam chat (···)
- Chat-related offenses
(···) If the offenses are of a very serious degree, a player may be banned without warning. The bantime per serious offense (usually a severe insult using profanity) is one day of ban per violation.

7 days, as decided by staff due to the severity of the incident and the reiterated disregard of staff
Due to the multiplier rule, a 70% of bantime is added. The final bantime is 11.9 days

(···) A player's bantime will be increased 20% for every time they have been banned before. No more than 70% of the total bantime may be attributed to multipliers.

A month of probation will be added due to the reiterated nature of these offenses over time
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