HelloMiners Forum Reporting Banlist Ban: gbt2008642

Ban: gbt2008642

A list of all the players that have been, or are, banned from HelloMiners.

Ban: gbt2008642

Postby Camel » Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:49 am

Staff: KingOfCamels101
Player banned: gbt2008642
Reason: Xray
Action taken:
A 4 month ban, and the X-rayer loses all their items, property, and money.

There will also be a 20% increase because the player has been banned before.

Player was banned for 144 days and all their property, items, and money has been taken.

Evidence: ...

0:05-0:23 He stops and then turns and mines diagonally into diamonds.
0:40-1:22 He starts mining at a random area then goes straight down to diamonds after a pause.
1:43-2:07 He stops at a completely random section and mines down to diamonds. He then mines diagonally into diamonds.
2:15-2:30 He mines diagonally the other way to diamonds again.
2:40-3:03 He mines up and then straight into diamonds.
3:05-3:12 He starts mining at a random place again which leads to diamonds.
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