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Diamond City Tier 1 Application

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Diamond City Tier 1 Application

Postby Mundlier » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:39 pm

City name: Diamond City
City owner(s): Mundlier
Current tier: 0
What tier you're applying for: 1 (Dot on the map)
Coordinates to the city: X:-323 Z:-3688
Main Regions and Buffers
Diamondcity 158x216 170640f
Diamondcityexpansion1 128x88 56320f
Diamondcityexpansion2 224x188 210560f
Diamondcityexpansion3 139x139 96605f
Diamondcityexpansion4 111x180 99900f
airportexpansion 80x69 27600f
airportexpansion2 80x88 35200f
airportexpansion3 64x163 52160f

Total: 748985f

citybuffer1 45x4 900f
citybuffer2 34x111 18870f
citybuffer3 65x42 13650f
citybuffer4 112x33 18400f
citybuffer5 5x151 3775f
citybuffer6 74x4 1480f
citybuffer7 47x4 940f
citybuffer8 5x114 2850f
citybuffer9 130x20 13000f
citybuffer10 90x68 30600f

Total: 104465f

Grand Total: 853450f

Extra necessary information: City accessible through CHS nether hub.
Public Buildings:
Town Hall (-320, -3700)
Airport (-445, -3625)
Plaza/future subway station (-370, -3625)

Total Plots: 33
Plots Occupied: 20
60% of total plots occupied
Number of Eyesores: 2

Re: Diamond City Tier 1 Application

Postby CakeDevil275 » Tue Sep 10, 2019 7:14 pm

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