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List of cities in the City Tier System

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List of cities in the City Tier System

Postby Camel » Sat Jul 22, 2017 2:38 am

This is a complete list of every city involved in the City Tier System, it will update regularly!

Ashford City - Tier 10
  • Logo:

Avalon City - Tier 10
  • Owner(s): SpartanPride7 and MR_BLORB
  • Logo:

Charleston City - Tier 10
  • Owner(s): daisypark777 and munomario777

Montego Bay - Tier 10
  • Owner(s): Felipe98_ and Jenica

Ferron Island - Tier 06
  • Owner(s): ZeneR1320 and HariBearGB

Sudbury City - Tier 04
  • Owner(s):marc050301 and Jcava5
  • Logo:

Solaris City - Tier 03
  • Owner(s): _UltraPro_

    Sunset Coast - Tier 03
    • Owner(s): KingOfCamels

    Ocelot City - Tier 02
    • Owner(s): Senjara and Cedricko_21
    • Logo:

    Empis City - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): _mentalgamer_, Chronoxomy and TheGamingSriv

    Ferobanke City - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): HaxOne212 and Jacy913

    Rolling Hills - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): MyNameIsSakura and USAirmanGerhard

    Sunset Springs - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): CallMeBmatt
    • Logo:

    Sycamore City - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): Iuoae and PineyPiney
    • Logo:

    Varrock City - Tier 01
    • Owner(s): AlexRocksIII, EchoOcelot, MrBusin3ss, and TheGreatSlayer

Just a reminder: if you have a logo or a theme color you want in your city space, please PM me on forums. Also, if I made any mistakes, please PM me on forums as well!

Thank you,
The City Tier Management Team
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