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Job Warp

Postby SpartanPride7 » Thu Mar 28, 2019 11:19 pm

Hello everyone! The new Job Center is finally opened :). You can get here by doing /warp Jobs .

There are stalls where you can advertise your job or Job Centers. The formal rules are:

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1) Only rent a stall if you have a job for new players or a job center to advertise.
2) Use signs to explain how to get to your job, and add a link to a forum post explaining the job more if possible.
3) If no signs are placed, you will be eyesored for 2 days and then evicted.
4) Being inactive for more than 1 month will be grounds for eviction.
5) Only buy chestshops are allowed (as in players sell to you). You may not sell your own items here.
6) Only one stall per player.

In your stall, put information on the job, how much they can make, where it is, and please link it to a forum post with more information. You can also create a TP sign to your job center/job location if it is completely enclosed, as in no way for people to exit. The job also must be real, no puppet jobs just for a TP sign. All these signs will be approved by a Senior-Mod or Admin, and will be checked on regularly. If anyone abused these signs for their own benefit, they will be immediately removed, banned from all job center stalls in the future, and possibly banned from the server.

The goal of the /warp Jobs is to allow players to easily find jobs. If used correctly, you can find yourself a lot of new workers for your companies!

Let me know if there are any more questions.

Huge thanks to Cheerios32 and his workers for doing basically everything! If it were not for them, this would not be here :).
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