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[Official] Blu Enterprises Factory Jobs

[Official] Blu Enterprises Factory Jobs

Postby blueshadow2002 » Fri Jul 22, 2016 3:21 pm


At Blu Enterprises, we are always looking for ways to help give back to the community. As part of a 25k project, we have created a beautiful job facility for people to shear sheep and farm for good prices!


Anyone can come and make money! We even have a bed to sleep in so one can easily and quickly come to the job!


We pay good money for your hard work, and you do not need any previous experience! Many of my workers have made 100 forsals in 10 minutes of easy work, and this is huge to helping you move up in the server! Our shears are much cheaper than other factories, also helping you make more money!


1. Go to /warp vc
2. Turn around and go into the brick mall and into the portal that says "Desert City Portal"
3 . Go into the big terminal with all the different tunnels and go into the one with a glass front- it has dark oak, Quartz, and red wool in it!
4. Continue into the path until you see the sign that says "Olympia Quarry": there should also be a greeting flag that says "Olympia quarry on your left"
5-Go into this little tunnel and turn right where it says Blu Factory.
6- Go through the portal and you are there!

Have any questions? Ask Felipe98_ or blueshadow2002! Also ask on this topic!
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Thanks multi for my fav meme <3