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/warp jobs

Postby CommandoBeta » Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:07 pm

A new facility has been opened, the /warp jobs.

This is a place where players with job facilities can post information about the jobs they have available. This will make it easier for them to find workers, and will find it easier for other players to get a job.

The /warp jobs is divided into (currently) 22 stalls. Each of these stalls belongs to one job center. The stall will contain basic information about the job:
  • What kind of work this job entails
  • What tools are required
  • An estimate of the pay per minute
  • The location of the job and how long it takes to get there
  • A link to the jobs forum topic.

Once a player has found a job that seems interesting to him, based on the signs, they can go to the link that is posted in the stall. This will link to a topic in this subforum. The topic will contain more detailed information about the job, as well as pictures (or a video) of how to get to the job site. It will also contain detailed information on how to do the job. The player can use this topic to get to the job and find out how to do the work. An example topic can be found here.

If you want to offer your job in the /warp jobs, you can rent a stall there. The job you are offering must meet a few requirements:
-It must not be a one time thing. It must be something that can be done by a large number of players for a large amount of time, for instance a job center.
-It must be something that is easy to do, that requires no interference from the job site owner.
-The pay must be sufficient for a new player (it must be possible to make at least F400 an hour in the job).
-The person offering a job may be evicted from their board if they do not meet these requirements, or if this is necessary for the functioning of the job center (for instance if it needs to be renovated).
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