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ELDesign Now Hiring

ELDesign Now Hiring

Postby BllurryFace » Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:35 am

About Us
We are the Elegant Luxury Design. A Company within HelloMiners Server.
ELDesigns specializes in working together to bring High Quality Mordern Houses to the server .Our company focuses on the personal aspects of the build and works directly with you every step of the way.
What Position Are We Hiring?
At ELDesign, we are hiring experience designers/ builders to ours company willing to work fast and efficient to create amazing building. Please note that in order to prove about your experience you need to show us picture of your build in the past or building experience on any server.
You will be pay weekly depends on your workload. For new worker you will have to pass a trial of 2 weeks. After two weeks you will be payed an amount of money that depends on your impact to the company. If you want to leave the company please tell us before a week and we will wish you farewell.

Our interview will be held from Tuesday July 16th to Wednesday 24th
Our interview time will be around 7am ICT to 12am ICT

*In order to interview please join our discord server:

Re: ELDesign Now Hiring

Postby ItzKozmik » Sun Jul 21, 2019 12:36 am

i would but i suck at designing