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Government City Evictions

Private city owners can request evictions here.

Government City Evictions

Postby SpartanPride7 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 12:06 am

Hey all, any plot that is evicted from a Government City, starting today, will be listed here. If your plot is not listed here and you were evicted after today, please contact the city mayor or an administrator and we will see what has happened.

Here are the rules for any building that can be evicted in a Government City:
  • Inactivity of 6 months (first row plots only).
  • Inactivity of 5 months (second row plots only).
  • Inactivity of 4 months (rest of plots in the city).
  • Building contains an eyesore. Eyesore rules are managed by individual city mayors, you may contact them for any inquiries or if a building is considered an eyesore or not.
  • Please note that Government cities may have special rules for special plots, be aware of these rules before purchasing.

List of what will happen leading up to eviction:
  • A mail will be sent out 2 weeks prior to eviction.
  • 2 weeks prior to eviction, signs will be placed outside the plot listing what is wrong with the plot, how to fix it, and the eviction date.
  • If what was listed on the signs were not fixed after 2 weeks, the player will be evicted. An in-game mail will be sent in-game saying they have been evicted.
  • Eviction uploaded to the database.
  • Note: if evicted on inactivity, only an in-game mail will be sent and your eviction uploaded to the database.
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