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[Official Topic] St. Victoire City - New city topic!

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[Official Topic] St. Victoire City - New city topic!

Postby marijn2707 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:43 pm

Saint Victoire City


Welcome to the official St. Victoire City topic where all the important information about the city can be found! The city is owned and founded by Marijn2707.

Basic information:
City tier: 0
Rules: (posting soon)
Landvalue: F120k
Rules which apply on the whole city:


[+] A brief introduction
It all began at dreaming of owning a city. And then some time past by and St. Victoire started construction in late april 2017 located on F60k of land. The city centre region was finished 3 weeks later. On the 20th of july the city got approved by Felipe98_. The city began with their suburbs expansion after that, which made the total landvalue doubled.

[+] What it stands for
St. Victoire city strives for a pleasant appreance and not for a function to earn money. All the money raised will be put in expansions and decorative projects. The city strives for an classical appearance, as example the canal which is made. The classical look will also make the city more unique from other cities.

[+] Districts
The city currently has 2 districts, the St. Victoire Centre district with a landvalue of 15F/block and the not-opened St. Victoire Suburbs district with a landvalue of 14F/block. There are much plots available in the SV Centre district, but the 2nd district is still in progress and yet to be opened.

[+] Directions
To start, type /warp vc. You will be teleported to this location: Image

When you're here, walk straight forward on the left road till you come across this building with the nether portal: Image

You have to go in the portal and you will enter here: Image

Follow the cyan carpet path all the way long till you come across the North Bay hub:
Enter the hub and enter the Oyster Cove tunnel (highlighted with a red circle): Image

Follow the path in the Oyster cove tunnel and if it stops going straight forward, turn left: Image

After you turned left, walk further till you head the St. Victoire tunnel (highlighted with an arrow): Image

Follow this path and you will come across the city's portal.

[+] Updates
Many updates will come, stay tuned!

[+] Pictures
Pictures will be posted soon!
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Re: [Official Topic] St. Victoire City - New city topic!

Postby TrumpVoter » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:48 pm

Sounds like a promising city. I may buy a plot :D
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