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[Official Topic] Ashford City (IRONBALL CHAMPS)

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[Official Topic] Ashford City (IRONBALL CHAMPS)

Postby ~Alex » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:28 pm

Hello Ashford Citizens, Tourists, and Future residents! This is the Official City Topic page for Ashford!

A detailed post about Ashford is located here:

This page is to announce updates/plans, rules and city government things as well as how the city is run.
City Name: Ashford
Owner: AlexIsTurnt
Tier: 14
Plots for sale: Yes
Homes for sale: Yes

Land Size: F 5,459,315

Ashford City Arrows take the 2018 HelloMiners Olympic Championship IronBall Title!

The Ashford arrows, consisting of Richie_rich123, MrSuperRed, and AlexIsTurnt, fought to the end for the second consecutive season against Sunset Camels on Sunday night, [b]Winning with a score of 2-1! Congrats to them!

[/b]Ashford LGBTQ District Almost Finished!

Ashford Government has been working very hard to fix up and renovate the LGBTQ District in Ashford! It has now expanded and the area has rainbow roads! The District includes a new coffee shop, an Ashford Government center, and GLITTER Nightclub. You can also get easy beach access from the area! Please check out the wonderful work of Ashford Citizens and government to bring you a better Ashford!
[+] PICS

PVP is now Enabled in the main city!
This is an exciting time for many! More pvp oppertunities and roleplay oppertunities.
PVP in Ashford is a PRIVILEGE. If players do not want to follow Ashford's PVP rules, after 2 warnings PVP will be suspended due to abuse due to players.
With pvp enabled:
Murder is illegal. Doing so can put you at risk at being arrested by APD.

if you commit a crime, you must listen to the APD. If they say you're under arrest you MUST listen to them, put away your weapons and follow them to the police station for booking and jail time.
if you do not listen, it is not fun for others and no one will want to keep trying to bring you to jail if you don't listen to try and kill everyone each time.

If people in Ashford spam kill, or repeatedly don't follow the roleplay/listen they will be warned. After a player is warned 2 times or multiple players are warned, Ashford PVP will be shut down for a period of time. Making everyone else upset who can enjoy it properly. If after multiple shut downs people still can't get the message about fair play, PVP will be disabled until further notice.

Coal Transport Now OPEN!
Like the wheat transport, the coal transport in Ashford is now open! It is next to the farm, every 5-10 min help the miners transport coal from 1 mine to the other and make an easy F200! Check it out today for some quick Cash!


Ashford Website is now live!
Ashford has finally put together a website with info, plots for sale, job handbooks, and other misc!
Check it out here
Or type

Ashford City Arrows take the 2018 OQIL Championship IronBall Title!
The Ashford arrows, consisting of Richie_rich123, MrSuperRed, and AlexIsTurnt, and a sub MissileGamer Have gone undefeated from game one, and faced the Sunset Camels on Saturday night. Winning with a score of 4-0! Congrats to them!

The Ashford Expansion is OPEN!
Take the international airport to the regional to get there, or take the country highway through the national park! Plots range in dif prices and already many shops are set up! Come check it out and get your plot today!

Ashford Mythical Mob
It has been added in the farm area! It is a scrarecrow! It drops iron, eggs, and wheat! Please check it out anytime!

Ashford has been working on a 2nd airport now for a while and its finally approved and set up! Use this airport to travel to the new expansion area that has many cute shops and restaurants. Shop local!
*Airport details*
-Uses the same ticket as International Airport.
-You can buy 2 from the /warp airport airport to Ashford INTL, then sell another ticket in the ashford airport to the regional airport.
-Speak to alexisturnt about getting some free airline tickets.
[+] Airport pics

Ashford Farm/Job Center NOW OPEN!
After months of preparation, the Ashford Offical job center/farm is open to the public for work. Its easy to get to from the airport, just take the country road next to the stadium.
You can farm, mine, or chop wood and sell your materials in the barn! Please check it out and see how nice it is for yourself!
[+] Job Center

Ashford Equestrian Center!!!
The Ashford Equestrian Center is complete! It's next to the East shore country club, Members of the club get free board, if you are not a member you can rent a stall monthly. Grazing pastures and jump tracks are in the back on the lake and looking over the golf course :D We have 16 stalls and a tack room area!

Also, get ready for fall as we get closer ashford will be hosting fall events such as pumpkin patches and decor!
[+] Pictures

New Modern Art Muesum is up in Ashford! It's right next to the airport, you can't miss it! Wonderful art from many artists.
[+] Pictures

Also Dawn_dog and dylad have resigned positions as P and VP, Now Noahl and PixilandBits are pres and vice!

Bank Robbing at Ashford Bank!
Attention! You can now ROB the bank at ashford! This system is in a Trial stage really, but hopfully we can work on it and keep making it better.

Basic info: There are "gangsters" around the city hinting you at how to rob the bank, Once you find the secret tunnel to the bank vault, you need to find a way into the vault and rob it!
Once in the vault, You have to step on a pressure plate for about 15 seconds, then a secret code will pop out, You must take that code and find the "drop off" point to redeem that code for a prize!

While robbing the bank, Ashford Cops will be notified and they will try to chase you down. If you are "Arrested" (Meaning the cop gets with in 2 blocks of you and yells "You are UNDER ARREST" You will have to give up the chase and hand over your code you got.) If you make it to the drop-off, You type the code in and get a prize! Congrats you're a wanted felon now in Ashford!

RULES of bank robbing:
-the bank will only be stocked with new "loot" every few days or so. (this could change)
-If cop arrests you, and you do not comply with being arrested, that cop will report it to me, and you will be banned from robbing the bank for a week. (2nd or 3rd offences could result in a perminant ban from the bank.)
-This event will not be fun if cops and robbers do not have equal authority and it wont be fun if cops say you get arrested but you don't listen. We want this to be fun for all.

-If you are arrested you must go with the officer to the police jail, You will be held for 3 mins each time you are caught.

-More rules can be added/changed.

-If the bank robbing is heavily abused and robbers do not follow the rules, the bank vault will be shut down for a short time so people can think about their actions.

Ashford East Shore Country Club and Golf Course
The East shore country club and 9 hole golf course is finally complete! Its right off the Piers on East bay ocean. This is going to be an elite club!
[+] pic

[+] Memberships
-A membership runs at 2,000 Forsals, This makes you a member as long as the club stands.
-You can keep your membership as long as you stay in good standing with the community and club. (We won't tolerate being banned, trolling, or other threats to the reputation of the club)

-If your reputation is damaged the club can revoke your membership until further notice!

- A membership gives you the opportunity to play our stunning 9 hole course, hang out in the country club lounge, eat a meal in the restaurant, or host parties. You can allow 2 guests at a time to join you at the country club, as long as they are with you at all times.

[+] Dress Code
Guests are required to observe good taste and dress appropriately when visiting The East Shore Country Club at Ashford.
Casual or golf attire is acceptable. Workout clothes, including t-shirts, are only allowed in locker rooms!
Golf slacks, skirts, or shorts are acceptable. Men’s shirts must have sleeves and a distinguishable collar, and be tucked into pants/shorts. Women’s shirts or blouses must have either sleeves and/or a distinguishable collar and be tucked in.

Courthouse & Law System:
Ashford now has a courthouse near the central park and mcblockies.
The courthouse has offices, courtroom, office for the judge and a jail/holding area for inmates being tried.

Getting Married:
-If you want to get married to someone in Ashford legally, you can. Come to the courthouse and set a date with the judge for you and your spouse to get married. (Court will just give you papers)

-Ashford does not care who you marry, whether it be a person or llama for all we care! As long as your happy right? Just set the date and come with whoever to make it official!

*Please note that although Marriage in Ashford will make you legally married in Ashford, we can't guarantee that other cities will look at you from a legal marital status since it's not server wide yet.

Filing lawsuits:
-If you want to file a Civil lawsuit (like sue someone) you can file a request application on THIS topic and the judge (undecided as of now) will try to get in touch with the people involved in the lawsuit.

-If you want to press charges for attempted murder, violence, or robberies etc, Apply for them to be charged on THIS topic as well.

-A trial date will be set and both parties need to show up or the party that does not show will automatically lose the case. if both parties do not show up, the case will be dropped.
Each party can hire a lawyer or be their own lawyer. One will not be given if you can't afford it or don't have a lawyer.

-Please note the only cases that will be heard in Ashford court are issues that happen in Ashford city. The Ashford Court system rules by all local city rules but has no authority over HelloMiner Server rules or issues.

[+] Punishments for crimes in Ashford
If the judge/jury find you guilty, you will be sentenced to one of the following for criminal law:
-Certain amount of Community Service in Ashford
-Certain Time in Holding cells, (1 minecraft day example)
(We hope players will play along for roleplay as we won't make you do anything extreme and unfun like sitting in a cell for hours, only little amounts of time)

[+] Punishments for Civil cases
-Community Service
(We hope players will play along for roleplay as we won't make you do anything extreme and unfun like sitting in a cell for hours, only little amounts of time)

Enjoy and this system is still under review and some tweaks might need to be made.


[+] Current plans
-Ashford Eastcove suburb area is almost complete in development and building! Only the parks, landscaping and plot rging need to happen. You can check the area right next to the airport and reserve homes. Just remember that these homes can not be modified on the outside.

-The Ashford Estates: This will be the mansion area with a golf course next to it and hopefully a country club as well. These have just started being developed and a lot of land needs to be clears for starters!

Ashford’s Small Business Program:
If you are getting a plot and have a small business or plan on making on in ashford, You can apply to be apart of ASBP. (Application in application section) If you qualify for the program you will get monthly perks from the Ashford government inlcuding : Possible Monthly payment bonuses, Monthly small business shop days, Free airplane tickets for you and customers, and free advertising. More to come as well!

Ashford Politics/Government.
I have a lot typed on the city announcement topic about this topic, Here I will explain a bit more.
Creating a party-
Citizens will be allowed to create Political Parties with any beliefs, then they can gather a following and Apply their Party to the Ashford Government.(Application in application section) If accepted, they will be eligible to elect a member from their party to run as a candidate for our presidential election. Independent candidates can also run if they get at least 6 citizens to sign a petition that they are eligible and fit to run as an independent. Political Parties that are created have seniority over independent candidates and their members will be accepted as presidential candidates before independent parties.
You must buy a plot and build a party headquarters to run in the election and have a political party approved. Independents do NOT need a HQ but do need a plot in ashford or some type of residency.

[+] Voting, presidential Term, campaigns, etc
A presidential Term is currently 3 months long. Any candidate can run as many times as they want, and they can keep being re elected in to office if they win the popular vote.

Ashford vote system will run under Popular vote, Meaning whoever has more votes wins the election, Each citizen in ashford has a weight of 1 vote. There will be a voting topic when the elections are held and will be open for 48 hours.

When the election is live, no voting fraud, cheating, buying votes, or making multiple accounts will be tolerated from any party or player. You will be removed from the race and a revote will happen if someone is caught cheating.

You will need to register to vote (Application in application section) if you want your voice to count, and you will be automatically approved if you have a plot or live in Ashford.

The Owner of Ashford will not host campaign rallies or help set up debates/primaries. If parties want to do this, feel free to help get votes for the election. Ashford does not care how you advertise and campaign during an election. (Fourm topics, in game, etc)

In addition, once elected president they will be sworn in and get to have the top office in Ashford City hall, and live in the Ashford presidential estate if they choose.
The main job of the president is to help the citizens voices be heard and try to make Ashford better. You can bring up ideas, write or draw out plans, prepose business dealings etc. Example: You want to add an eyesore rule, you write the rule up and it will either be approved or denied by the Owner of Ashford. The president can bring 3 workers with them to the presidency from their party to help with plans, ideas, work and defense.

The first election will be held shortly after parties are submitted for approval!
[+] Political Parties accepted
Party name: Anti-terrorism/conflict party.
Headquarters location: 2291 8870 (AF17)
Members of Party: Jackit, TheCoolIguanodon
Quick summary of beliefs/values:
Our party focuses greatly on keeping the City of Ashford safe from threats with military weaponry and troops.
Everything about current Ashford's laws are agreed with in this party.
We will fight back against anybody who decides to go up against us with force.

Party Name: Liberal capitalist party
Headquarters location: 2208, 68, 2871 (Next to the town hall)
Members of party: Taloju, Max_clorofila
Quick summary of beliefs/values:
    We believe that capitalism and freedom are the tools to build a better society
    The best way to have a fairer city is by supporting effort and patience
    We believe that economic and financial education is the best tool that can be delivered to new users.
    We believe that the city must be adapted to diversity

Party Name: Ashford Otter's Party
Headquarters location: x: 2,402 z: 2,704
Members of party: Moonie, TokSiick_Rain, all otters
Quick summary of beliefs/values: We believe Ashford deserves better otter rights and that more otters should come into Ashford for better job opportunities, without being hassled by rude humans! We agree with every current law. We encourage everyone, not just otters, to join! We host marches in downtown and in the suburbs, and we campaign in peace.

Party Name: Ashfordians for Change
Headquarters location: Eastcove Park
Members of party: SakuraHaruno29 braxton_miller5 ozapenguin TrumpVoter noahl431 greenpenguin8, NKStarkid, Veronica_4
Quick summary of beliefs/values: A strong belief in A.S.B.P (Ashford small business Program) and making Ashford a better place.

Party Name: The Communism Party (even though we aren't communist)
Headquarters location: Ashford
Members of party: dawn_doggy (president) PixelBits (Vice President), Adu0123 (National Security Adviser), BattleCloud (General Assistant). I will be picking more people for my cabinet if i get elected.
Quick summary of beliefs/values: Idk?

Party Name: Restoration Party (renamed from the Equality party)
Headquarters location: Gold's building in Ashford
Members of party: Gold__ and I!
Quick summary of beliefs/values: We encourage job growth for the city of Ashford! We would encourage and help residents to get into a nice job in the city and take events to effectively encourage growth.

Ashford Goverment Positions
[+] Gov Positions
Owner: Alexisturnt
the owner has the most power in ashford, they own the land and do a majority of planning and work.

President: Ryan F.
The president is elected and gets to bring their ideas and the citizens ideas to the government. Whether that be new laws, systems, or expansions. They just need to submit their plans to the city owner before they really happen.

Vice president: SteedzMinecraft
The vice president is picked by the president, they help get work done with the president

Head Military General: Knightz__
They run the ashford military. They have the highest command of all police/military force. They report the acting president on problems and that will be relayed to the owner.

Chief Justice Judge: Mr_Bloomberg
He is head of judicial system in ashford. He takes and reads cases, and runs the courts for citizens with problems. ALL judges have the authority to punish according to ashford laws.

Secretary of Ashford: Swegg__
Helps check staff applications and will accompany the president/owner in meetings.

Police Force:
Chief of police: Woof__
Chief oversees all of the police force, Making sure that all officers are doing their jobs correctly.

Police Officers: Richie_rich123, Noah, Woof, Trumpvoter
Help keep ashford safe, repond to 911 calls, and arrest the criminals. They can file arrest warrants for criminals.

The Ashford job center farm:
On the west side of town in the outskirts there is a little farm with farming, wood chopping, and mining. People who want can use that area for work and sell to the marked chests for great wages. I am currently setting up the chests and regions.


Code: Select all
Plot/apt/home name

Political party application:
Code: Select all
Party Name:
Headquarters location:
Members of party:
Quick summary of beliefs/values:

Small Business Program Application:

Code: Select all
Business/company name:
Business location:
Why do you want to join:

Civil lawsuit Case:
Code: Select all
IGN of person being sued:
Reason For Case:

Criminal Lawsuit Case:
Code: Select all
Prosecutors IGN:
Crime committed:

Ashford Police application:
Code: Select all
Do you know ashford laws?
Why do you want to protect and serve Ashford?

[+] Archives
City Development,
Subway map:
Ashford logo:

[+] FAQ
What is Ashford?
A City unlike ANY other on HelloMiners.
A true masterpiece filled with detail and a main goal of realism. It adds a wonderful feel of roleplay and realism on to the server.

What is the goal of Ashford?
The goal is to be realistic as possible and feel free to role-play.

What is the land value of Ashford?
We currently sit on 1.6 Million forsals.

Do you have a suburbs?

Yes! Filled with prebuilt craftsman/victorian/bunglow homes in the wonderful Ashford eastcove suburb!

Do you have mansions?

The Ashford Estates are currently being developed.
Do you have plots for sale?
Yes! Many

How do I get to ashford?
Come by airport! /warp airport and buy a ticket behind south banks ticket counter.

Is building code strict?
Yes very strict, Please read all rules at city hall!
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby 2awe » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:31 pm

Business/company name:2thriftyforawe
Business location:Ashford idk plot names Vc Rc Rolling Hills
Why do you want to join: I LOVE THIS CITY
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby 2awe » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:33 pm

I will also say that i have donated 1000f and have helped build the houses and suburbs (=

Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby 2awe » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:34 pm

Plot/apt/home name: i own Mcblockadles and 2thriftyforawe idk plot names but you know they exist
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby Pebbles0224 (Pebs) » Thu Jul 27, 2017 6:46 pm

Very cool! Love the realism and the addition of your own government into the city. :D
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby ~Baz » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:14 pm

IGN: BAZitup63
Business/company name: BAZco.
Business location: af_01
Why do you want to join: I feel that this could definitely improve the outcome for my business.

Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby ~Cookie » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:36 pm

Me and Nathan are so excited for our house in the suburbs!!
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby ~Alex » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:24 pm

~Cookie wrote:Me and Nathan are so excited for our house in the suburbs!!

Your house will be ready today
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby ~Alex » Fri Jul 28, 2017 1:08 am

Suburbs are complete!
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Re: [Official Topic] Ashford City

Postby ~Alex » Fri Jul 28, 2017 10:00 pm

I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.
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