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[OFFICIAL] Freeport

[OFFICIAL] Freeport

Postby RJMouse » Tue Aug 27, 2019 9:11 pm

I am here to announce the city I bought land for 29 days ago is now developed into a approved city, land value is F15/Block, we have many great companies such as 2M, DTR, HDI, cluckworks, luxcorp, jrc corp, 20k, icentipay, torched, and many others (sorry if i forgot your's, please say them down below.) We are a city focused on activity and a non toxic community, i will not allow toxicness in my city and im sure you all will like it, so far we only have a main city district open but suburbs are on the way and an airport after that. Enjoy!!

Land value is 156k developed + the 103k in suburbs that was bought but is not deveolped yet!

If you would like to purchase a polt, plz mail or message me or discord me at RJMouse#2567

Freeport Mayor
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