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[Offical] City Of Archendale - Redefining City Standards

[Offical] City Of Archendale - Redefining City Standards

Postby ~Weather » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:58 pm

Hello! Welcome to the City Of Archendale’s Offical forum topic! Here you can find more information about the city and some of its most current information.

General Information:
Archendale was first opened on Saturday January 20th, 2018 after being approved by Jenica on December 19th, 2017. The city took roughly 10 months to build before officially opening sitting on just F130,000 in land. Ever since opening, the city has undergone rapid expansion and is currently expanding faster than any other city on HelloMiners. We now sit on F2,275,390 in land! WEATHER2DAY (~Weather) owns and currently runs all operations in the city. The city currently has four districts: Downtown, Suburbs, Financial and Marina!

District: Downtown - F17/a block
Downtown is Archendale’s largest district housing over 100 plots! The Downtown district was the first to open in Archendale and is home to numerous small businesses and HQ’s and such as Mercury Inc., ADR Co., and Wayne Tower! The coastline, mountains, river, and high rises create some of the best city views you can get on the server! Be sure to check it out in game because it is absolutely stunning to see.

Coords to Downtown Rules: 3895/64/875

Main Downtown Rules:

No eyesores, please see the eyesore rules listed below for details.
No large animal farms, only at most 10 animals per plot.
Plots cannot be renamed without the mayor/city owner’s approval
Homes are only allowed in the suburbs!
Players have 1 week to begin building on their plot(s).
Land value is subject to change at anytime in any district.
Inactivity or ban of more than 2 months results in immediate eviction.
Players will not receive any refund on evicted plots.
All plots must server a function like a shop, storage area, ect.

Eyesore Rules:

All buildings must be modern or semi-modern.
Do not use too many colors in one plot
All plots must contain at least three different materials
The unused portion of a plot must have leaves, flowers, ect.
No floating or randomly placed blocks.
Designs should look appealing to the eye.
Buildings must be well lit, no dark rooms or floors.
No inappropriate signs or builds are allowed.
No buildings without windows, no buildings entirely made of glass.
No nether portals allowed on player plots.
No extremely tall buildings. Buildings that go taller than 10 blocks above the highest cloud are not allowed.
Plots that go unfinished for more than 2 weeks may face eviction.
Plots with eviction notices may be evicted.

Do realize that by buying a plot here you are expected to follow the city rules and consequences will follow if you do choose to not follow these set rules!

District: Suburbs - F17/a block
The Archendale suburbs offer some of the most unique luxurious plots on the server. The suburbs are slightly elevated off the natural ground on a custom terraformed mountain. We offer inner regular suburb plots and outer luxurious plots. The outer edge plots (a.k.a. “cliffside plots”) offer magnificent views of the ocean and the nearby city! Move to the Archendale suburbs for a modern luxurious home experience!

Coords to Suburbs Rules: 3797/83/945

Main Suburb Rules:

Plot owners must not have any eyesores (see below).
Players who have gone inactive or have been banned for any period longer than two months will face immediate eviction.
Players who were evicted from their plot will not get their items returned or be refunded.
All plots must serve the sole purpose of a home
Land value is subject to change in the future
Plot owners will have access to 7 blocks below their plot- no plot shall have //expand vert on their plot

Eyesore Rules:

No farms of any kind! This includes mob, farm, ect.
All homes must have a good design that is either a modern or suburban themed home. No rustic or medieval homes!
No portals of any ind on any plot (nether, end, ect.)
All homes must be well lit, no dark rooms!
All homes here should be appealing to the eye.
No randomly placed blocks.
No excessively tall homes.
All homes must have windows.
Homes should have an entrance and exit.
Extra unused space on the plot must be filled in with greenery such as flowers, leaves, or grass.
No floating blocks or homes!
Plots that go unfinished for a week may be eyesored unless notified ahead.
Plot owners will have one week to begin building on their plot.

Note: By buying a plot here in the Archendale Suburbs, you are expected to follow both the main and eyesore rules listen here- If these rules listen are not followed, do not be shook if you are unfortunately evicted!

District: Financial - F17/a block
The Financial district is the newest district added to Archendale! It features a new airport that brings fast transportation to Archendale and a modern Iron Ball stadium!! It’s widened roads are made perfect to accommodate the new cars! This expansion is going to feature shops. Lots of shops. Many plots near the airport are going to be store-only plots (meaning specifically for only shops). This is going to make Archendale the new private city shopping hub on the server! Be sure to check out the expansion as we have many new plots to offer and they will sell out, so visit today!

Coords to Financial Rules: 3534/69/1420 (upstairs inside AIA)

Main Financial Rules:
All downtown district rules apply! (main and eyesore rules)
Front row airport plots MUST contain a shop that sells a variety of well stocked reasonably priced items!
Cars that park on the street must be parked on the far side to avoid blocking lanes or your car may get towed!
No beacons are allowed to be placed near the IB stadium!

*Remember, this is not a complete list of rules that apply here! Please see the rulebaord in the downtown district! 3895/64/875

District: Marina - F17/a block
The Marina district of Archendale can be found all over the city wherever there is a body of water. Some large bodies of water (such as the ocean) sell marina plots! They can be used ONLY for making custom built boats, yachts, ships, or fishing vessels. Archendale offers some of the best Marina plots because of the amazing views of the Downtown and Suburb districts!

Coords to Marina Rules: 3895/64/875

Marina Rules:
Inactivity or ban of more than 2 months results in immediate eviction.
They need to be well designed and look realistic.
They must have good lighting.
They must not be too tall or be too deep into the water.
Must be generally rectangular, yet maintaining aerodynamics.
A boat plot may be eyesored if the plot remains empty for more than 1 weeks.
After 2 weeks of a plot being incomplete, it may be eyesored.

Discounts? Yes. Archendale offers a few discounts to its citizens! We know F17/a block can be expensive, so we try to help you! Read below to see if you are eligible for a discount!

1. Small business owner!

If you own less than two company locations (inside of gov or private cities) you automatically qualify to get an extra 25% took off the total cost of a plot!

2. By buying multiple plots!

If you own more than two plots in Archendale, your third one will automatically be 10% off! After the third plot you buy, you will receive a discount of 15% off each plot you buy! This offer cannot be used on single plots when they are being combined to make a larger one.

Please note: Plot cannot cost more than F6000 to get ANY discounts. Please message me in game or mail me through the server forums in order to receive this discount!

Photos of Archendale!
Feel free to post photos of Archendale in our official discord chat! Who knows, maybe they will end up on the city forum topic here in the future!


Archendale’s Discord!
Further connect with the Archendale community more through Discord!
Make sure to keep notifications enabled for the ’major-announcements’ channel so you stay informed!

Thanks for reading! Hope to see you in Archendale soon!
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