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[City] Ancient Greece: Poll - Should i invest or sell it?

Should i invest or sell the city?

Invest (airport and stadium)
Sell it (and create a modern one)
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[City] Ancient Greece: Poll - Should i invest or sell it?

Postby taloju » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:32 pm

About AG
Ancient Greece is a thematic city, located to the north on the map.
The city was founded in November 2017, and the idea was to make the first Greek city of HM. I never intended to make money with this, even, much of the city is park.

The story
During the first week all the plots were sold, and the city was quite active. It worked quite well for a few months, but by mid-2018 it was completely idle.
I love the city, but I have not had much time to restore it.
At the moment it has 2 districts: Greek (mainland + greek island) and "north korea", with its own theme.

Actually, the city is valued at more than 130k, with half of the plots evicted.

The options
Based on the problems that plague Ancient Greece, I elaborated two options,
The first is to invest in the city, expanding it, selling plots evicted, building a stadium and an airport. The problem is not money (I have 400k at hand), but the innovation of the city. The fact that it is thematic seems not to interest many people. However, with an airport I have faith that demand could increase.
The second option (and the easiest) is to sell it, and with the money make a new city: modern (like all), but close to a warp, so that the tunnel is short (it would involve much more time).

What do you think?

Owner of the city of Ancient Greece

CEO of Fluniter

Director of the Organization for statistics and economy

Rector and teacher of International Archendale University

Networth: ~ 820,000

9 years of experience in minecraft

Re: [City] Ancient Greece: Poll - Should i invest or sell it

Postby brianmares » Fri Feb 22, 2019 9:45 pm

Honestly, might be hard, but you should invest in the city. Get the hype going, maybe some events (ironball, free stuff, bumperboats) and get back on the map. I'm facing the same dilemma with OVC, my old city that's been dead since like 2015 but I've been getting evictions ready to make a comeback.
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