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Empis City - Eviction v1

Empis City - Eviction v1

Postby ViHQ » Mon Nov 05, 2018 10:53 pm

Rule: " If you are banned/inactive over 2 months: Eviction!"

region: efplot14
owners: Emielgozer , Makaveli71

region: eplot9
owners: Jerry_CCC

region: eplot32
owners: agasycookie , gobblin1

region: eplot31
owners 2awe

region: efplot7
owners: ClintonVoter420 ( changed name to Trentrick_Lamar )

region: efplot6
owners: hamhamham420

region: efplot5
owners: ClintonVoter420 ( Trentrick_Lamar)

region: efplot3
owners: hamhamham420

region: efplot2
owners: AshleyHawk

region: efplot1
owners: hamhamham420, ClintonVoter420 ( Trentrick_Lamar )

region: efplot32
owners: DavideLolli97

region: efplot100
owners: Purple_Beauty
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Re: Empis City - Eviction v1

Postby Domination LT » Tue Nov 06, 2018 12:23 am

You may evict :D
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