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Map of All Cities

Map of All Cities

Postby Arakorni89 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:41 pm


During the time when I was trying to find inactive private cities, I decided that I might as well put all cities and city like settlements on a map.

Keep in mind that probably a third of these 151 objects are about the size of Teslo Superstore, but I thought that adding them would be interesting. I checked every place which looks like it has streets on it, so I didn't include mansions, factories or farms on this list. I also didn't include settlements which were not regioned with some exceptions. Also didn't include private cities which I reported to be hammered down due to inactivity. Many of the places on the list are not approved private cities.

How to read: Main map has 9 sections. Check the section of interest from the main map and then open the larger section map separately. By the end of this post is a list of all the places on the map with the right section map code on them.

The maps might appear too small but they are bigger if you save them to your computer.

[+] main map

Section A1
[+] main map

Section A2
[+] main map

Section A3
[+] main map

Section B1
[+] main map

Section B2
[+] main map

Section B3
[+] main map

Section C1
[+] main map

Section C2
[+] main map

Section C3
[+] main map

Alexbay C2
Amsterdam B1
Ancient Creece A2
Andreas C2
Andromeda B1
Arcadia Cove B3
Archendale B3
Artex City A2
Ashford C3
Asperia C2
Athena City C1
Atlantis B2
Aurora B1
Avalon City A3
Basin City B1
Blossom Heights B1
Brisbane A2
Cale Island C1
Canosa Bay A2
Cape Coral B3
Captiva Beach C2
Charleston City B2
Coldbay B2
Columbia City B1
Conridge City B3
Corinth B2
Crescent Falls B3
Crystal Bay B3
Davenport B3
Denver City C2
Desert City B2
Desertopia B1
Dome City B2
Dove Valley C3
Dubai C1
Eagleton B2
Elemental City A2
Elemental Hills C3
Elkwood B2
Empis City B1
Estes C3
Europa Imperial Palace B3
Fairfield B1
Farmsville C2
Feronbanke City C3
Ferron Island B3
Flowing Meadows A3
Freeport C2
Freshton B2
Frontier's Pass B3
Frozen Bridge B3
Future City B3
Grenfort B2
Helloclan City B2
Hidden Valley C2
Hope City C2
Horizon Falls B3
Horizon Line B1
Iceland B1
Icon City B2
Indonesia Province A2
Iolessess Falls B3
Isla Sorna A2
Ithica Bay B3
Java City C3
Justice City B3
Keystone City C1
Kingdom of Haven C2
Lakeside City C2
Lakeview City C2
Leeds A2
Lime City B2
Los Angeles B1
Los Santos B3
Luxus Island A1
Metropolis B2
Milehigh B2
Mississauga B1
Monson Point C1
Montego Bay C2
Moonlight Falls B1
Mystical City B2
New Jamaica C2
New Vegas B2
Nivalis B2
Oakton City B1
Oasis B1
Ocean City A2
Oceanview City C2
Ocelot City B1
Ogden City B3
Orlando B1
Oyster Cove A1
Palm City A2
Paradise Field B3
Paradise Hills C2
Pelican Hills A2
Piero City B3
Plague Island A2
Plateau City A1
Puerto Cancun A2
Reno B3
Rhodes City A2
Richmond B2
River City B2
River Time City B2
Rolling Hills B2
Rosewood B2
Russelville C2
Sahara City A2
Seashore City B2
Sephron City B1
Sky City B2
Snow City B2
Snowdonia A3
Snowpine City C3
Solaris B2
Solis City B1
Sonata A3
South Bank C2
Spring City B3
Spring Valley A1
Springfield B3
St Edwards C2
St Victoire A1
Stalingrad A2
Strudelstrad B3
Sudbury B1
Sunnydale A2
Sunset Coast B3
Sunset Springs A2
Sunshine Coast B2
Sunville B2
Swamp City B2
Sycamore City B1
Taiga Bay A2
Trongo A1
Tropical Bay C3
Tuscany B1
Valencia B2
Valley City B2
Varrock City B1
Villaville B2
Vistabay A1
Wakanda C3
Waterchase Isles A1
Westfield City B1
Willow Creek C3
Windenburg C3
Winding Brook Heights C2
Wolfhills C2
Yootland A1
Yootonia C2

Feel free to correct me when information is not accurate or it is wrong.

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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby Camel » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:48 pm

:o cool! One thing tho. It’s montego Bay not Montenegro :)
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby ozapenguin » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:58 pm

Woah :shock:

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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby Arakorni89 » Sat Apr 21, 2018 11:59 pm

Rodney1001 wrote::o cool! One thing tho. It’s montego Bay not Montenegro :)

Holy crap... I have read it wrong every time :D brain reads what it wants. But anyway fixed!
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby Dylad » Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:22 am

Having this many private cities is scary as hell...
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby ZacTheMan1 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:49 am

How do you know about monsoon point?

Re: Map of All Cities

Postby EischMC » Sun Apr 22, 2018 12:56 am

ZacTheMan1 wrote:How do you know about monsoon point?

The rg name, and it is visible on world map
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby ~Bmatt » Sun Apr 22, 2018 1:44 am

Wow! :shock:

A lot of cities I never knew about that you listed! Great job on this!
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby ~Adu » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:43 am

Dubai is still not approved :roll:
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Re: Map of All Cities

Postby ~Marvel » Sun Apr 22, 2018 2:45 am

I see someone has discovered Wakanda... :?
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