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Jobs Available: Department of Transportation

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Postby WackyWolff » Wed May 01, 2019 10:27 pm

So, uh... I was told by ~Dom on the non-classic Discord server that I could still apply here, and if someone were to be fired, I could have a chance of landing a job here.

IGN: h0rsepower
Time on server: 3-4 years, I think..? At least 3.
Committee: Highway committee
Why I want to join the Highway Committee: I'm really excited for the upcoming vehicles. Really excited, and I would love to be a part of making the roads so those cars can actually be useful. I'm applying here mostly because I was building an unofficial road; one that goes from the bottom of the world to the very top. I told ~Dom about it, and he said that my road could conflict with the plans of the highway system that's already being built. My road is now about 2km long. I don't want to conflict with any roadway plans, so I'm applying here. There aren't any open spaces, but as I was told, there's a chance I could get a position if someone was fired. I would really enjoy building a road system, and it shows because I'm building a large road with my own money, just so people can use it.
CEO of Amafood

Used to have 120k but now only has 20k because... Cars and planes

Visit Amafood in the VC shopping center on the third floor, Silver Lake, and Archendale!