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Jobs Available: Department of Transportation

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Postby WackyWolff » Wed May 01, 2019 10:27 pm

So, uh... I was told by ~Dom on the non-classic Discord server that I could still apply here, and if someone were to be fired, I could have a chance of landing a job here.

IGN: h0rsepower
Time on server: 3-4 years, I think..? At least 3.
Committee: Highway committee
Why I want to join the Highway Committee: I'm really excited for the upcoming vehicles. Really excited, and I would love to be a part of making the roads so those cars can actually be useful. I'm applying here mostly because I was building an unofficial road; one that goes from the bottom of the world to the very top. I told ~Dom about it, and he said that my road could conflict with the plans of the highway system that's already being built. My road is now about 2km long. I don't want to conflict with any roadway plans, so I'm applying here. There aren't any open spaces, but as I was told, there's a chance I could get a position if someone was fired. I would really enjoy building a road system, and it shows because I'm building a large road with my own money, just so people can use it.
-WackyWolff (formerly h0rsepower), CEO of Amafood Inc.
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