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[Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

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[Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby Cheerios32 » Tue May 12, 2020 6:30 am

Hello everyone!

viewtopic.php?f=299&t=35894 suggested that, amongst other things, we hire an economy manager. This seems to be a good idea, especially judging by the economy at the moment.

The role is a slightly strange one, in that it does not require large amounts of server activity: what it does require, however, is decent activity on discord and forums. This is because your job will be:
1) Replying to suggestions to explain if they have the intended effect or not (in your opinion: economics is tricky), and explaining this to people such that they can understand it.
2) Feeding suggestions to staff, either from you or via the community.
3) Debating suggestions with staff if they are economical in some regard.

See below, guide is approx 1.5k/week

So, the hiring. You apply using the format below, and may also discuss the applicants here. Once applications close, there will be a short gap for further discussion, then staff will vote on the person being picked, using the community feedback to guide us to not pick someone nobody believes in.

- Active on forums/discord.
- Able to keep cool even if you know you're right but everyone disagrees.
- Able to take constructive criticism.
- No previous bans for scamming, theft or toxicity 2015 or later unless the ban was successfully appealed.
- Able to join the server once in a while (I.e. not currently banned).

Application format:
Note: this is a guide, if you want to do it freehand go for it, so long as the application contains the right info.
In game name:
Discord name (including tag):
Any actual economic qualifications? (doesn't matter if you don't, but having them might make people prefer you)
Any significant bans?
Why should you be the economic manager?
Any ideas to put forward now?
Requested salary:

Thanks in advance for replying constructively to this topic, your discussion is very helpful to us. If I've missed anything, let me know.

Applications close on the start of Wednesday 13th May 2020 (based on GMT).

EDIT: The job responsibilities are being debated and may change. The core idea of them will be approximately the same.
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby CudleyNubles » Tue May 12, 2020 7:18 am

Look In my opinion I think it's essential for whoever they hire for them to be an active member of our economy and community. To say that they don't need to be active in my opinion is completely false. WE NEED ACTIVE players when in a position of leadership. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY for effective communication between everyone. You tell me how someone is going to suggest things in our economy if they are inactive and don't know how our economy works. Our economy isn't a static economy that doesn't change so we don't need an adviser that isn't able to recognize the changes due to his/her inactivity.

In game name: Cudleynoodles

Discord name (including tag): CudleyNoodles#0651

Any actual economic qualifications? Im an active member of the economy and have provided a countless amount of jobs to the entire server. I've been playing since 2014 and understand how the economy has changed throughout the course of the years. Ive also been able to adapt and create success in my business and real estate. I also like debating economic things.
Any significant bans? 7-day ban for auto-fishing.
Why should you be the Economic manager? The economy manager needs to be someone who actually knows about the hellominers economy and is an active member of it. I meet both of those expectations and know how to manage projects as well.

Any ideas to put forward now?
-Remove or restrict the GTC in a way where it doesn't affect outside shops.
-Promote private cities to help build a new economic sector instead of an overlooked second option to gov cities.
-Diversify ways of making money other than fishing.
-Promote ways for new players to contribute to the economy and existing players to reinvest their money creating better Forsals circulation.

Requested salary: I don't need the money. Im just looking out for the betterment of the economy
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby Cheerios32 » Tue May 12, 2020 7:54 am


I said in game activity wasn't as big of an issue because a lot of this job can be done by looking at what the community are saying, both directly and indirectly. Obviously being active will help but it's not as severe of a requirement as, say, being able to take critisicm.
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If you have any server suggestions, or even if you just want to inform staff that we're doing the right/wrong thing, message me on discord: InsertCheerios#9490

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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby ~Doodle » Tue May 12, 2020 12:33 pm

In game name: _DJDoodle_

Discord name (including tag): Have fun trying to spell it: ~Dõødlê#0770

Any actual economic qualifications? (doesn't matter if you don't, but having them might make people prefer you) I haven't got any irl but I've been around long enough to see what is working and what isn't.

Any significant bans? IP sharing back in early '17

Why should you be the economic manager? I feel I can greatly contribute to fixing this current economic state of the server by applying for this role. Having the opportunity to talk directly to people who are making all the changes especially in gov trade will allow for a solid community opinion to be implemented into the server. In the time I've been around, I've seen so many suggestions and topics that have been ignored. I believe that being in this role can mean that nobody goes unheard and everything is taken into consideration. I cannot hold myself high and say I'm going to be the best for this, because it isn't true. However, I can use the best of my experience and knowledge to help out best I can on behalf of the community.

Any ideas to put forward now? I'd like to list a couple.

• Do not remove GTC.
Instead, I suggest we rework the pricing back to what worked best for everyone. For example, cobble was made a regular chestshop instead of infinite. This means no new players could make any money at all via mining materials. We would take a general survey of the community opinion on the matter to confirm that keeping stone and cobble infinite is wanted and then we would look into the pricing. We want to balance for inflation but also make sure it isn't the new grind. Basic calculations to see how much stone can be produced in a realistic time frame for people to play will then be used to calculate how much the sell price should be. As for the rest of the items, we want to encourage people to buy from independent shops so we will be looking at common item values to see how much people sell for, and then add a set amount on top to the trade centre prices. As for selling we want it to be just under independent shops too, so the same till happen and an amount will be reduced. Farmable items need to be reconsidered. Currently, they're not infinite and they sell for low amounts. What I suggest is to make them infinite again so people can sell to them but lower the prices to be about on par with the amount of work put in to mine the same value in cobble or stone. It's important to note the amount of work part, this will stop low effort autofarms from making more from the same time it would take to mine stone.

• Attempt to create a quests system where users can gain money from doing daily tasks.
This was an idea I had about a year ago, where people would do daily tasks to gain money. An example would be, collect 3 buckets of milk, mine 1000 blocks of stone and fish 3 raw cod. Something along those lines would mean anyone can do basic tasks to get a nice reward to keep the income coming in. I'll need to explore the possibility with people who could make it happen first but it is a possibility.

• Be in close tab with all city managers to ensure no monopolising is taking place.
Being close with city managers will allow them to get direct input from the store owners plus anyone else who has an opinion on the city, to directly make suggestions and comments about how they think the economy could be improved in government cities.

Requested salary: I'm not going to say no to money, but I'd ask only to be payed a fair amount of the physical work I'd do.

Good luck to everyone, and no matter the end result, make sure everyone's happy at the end of the day!
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby ~Adu » Tue May 12, 2020 12:40 pm

idk if its a bit late for this but i think it would be better to have a board of economic advisors (5 players) and each decision would require 2/3 majority votes. Having all this power on one person is not the wisest thing to do :)
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby ~Satan » Tue May 12, 2020 12:46 pm

As former publisher of HM's only business newspaper I'd be interested but I agree with Adu, having an economic board / council would be better. That's because many 'HM economists' tend to have different points of view. For example, Cudley and I tend to have huge differences in our economic views but that doesn't make our views any lesser or better. I'd also recommend Red and Gbt for this position if they're still active.
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby sgtsurfinbyrd » Tue May 12, 2020 3:07 pm

In game name:

Discord name (including tag):

Any actual economic qualifications?
I have taken AP Macroeconomics in HS, and Microeconomics in college.

Any significant bans?
I have never been banned.

Why should you be the economic manager?
I started playing on Helloclan Minecraft in 2011, So I have seen the ups and downs of the server, and how it has (or has not) changed over the years. And while I have not been terribly active on the server over the last year, I have been watching over the forums and still have several friends on the server that I keep in touch with about minecraft and the general state of the server.

Any ideas to put forward now?
The hello miners economy is not a simple thing. Especially since it does not always follow the normal rules of economics. So I am not going to go into tremendous detail about suggestions here.

I would not remove the Gov Trade Center. It is a tool that, if utilized properly, could help 'improve' the economy.

I would focus policy/ideas toward adding ways to make forsals to the server and that make it easier for new players to make them.

Requested salary: None, I would be doing this to help improve the server.
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby ZacTheMan1 » Tue May 12, 2020 6:43 pm

In game name: ZacTheMan1
Discord name (including tag): ZacTheMan1#0245
Any actual economic qualifications? (doesn't matter if you don't, but having them might make people prefer you)I have not taken any economic classes.
Any significant bans?None
Why should you be the economic manager? I would be a good economic adviser because I have already started working on fixing job issues through the new job ideas I have stated below. I am a decisive and hard working member of the community and stay strong with my beliefs. Being able to take criticism is a major part of the job and it is something I am very good at. Additionally, I already have connections to city managers and those who are most affected by economic issues. It is my main goal to try and please as many people as I can while also keeping hold on a strong economy. Lastly, I would like to say that I intend on focusing not only on economy of newer players but also making sure there are benefits to those that have been playing in the server for a while.
Any ideas to put forward now? I would like to make it known that I am a supporter of the GTC, although it definitely needs some updating in terms of items and prices. I have also been working on a city of jobs that uses the quests plugin in order to create unique working scenarios. This is an Idea that I created with MissleGamer years ago and I plan to keep expanding on it in the months to come. Although most of it is currently in the works, I can say that it will bring the role-play aspect of the server back to hello miners while also providing a way to grow a company and expand the balances of not only new players but also older ones as well. If you would like to see some of the work I have put forth, I have created a shortened demo as to what the jobs will look like.
Requested salary: None

Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby Jcava5 » Wed May 13, 2020 3:17 am

In game name: Jcava5

Discord name: Jcava5#6288

Any actual economic qualifications: I am a second-year university student, majoring in Economics and Management Science. Can provide proof if necessary. :lol:

Any significant bans: Yes, I was banned in 2014 for abusing powers as a staff member. For whatever it's worth, in my defense, the majority of what I did was simple plot building and landscaping with WorldEdit. This was after I had been a staff member for about a year, and in a brief period I had been feeling apathetic and careless towards the server. This is a really immature attitude to have and in no way excuses anything, but I was annoyed of all the uncompensated roles, work, and responsibilities I took on as a member of staff, (staff wasn't paid back then) and just didn't care that much about playing anymore and was carelessly doing whatever I wanted. I feel this is important to mention because I am 6-7 years older now and understand what I did was immature. I really want to stress that it was 5 years ago, I have grown up now, learned from my mistakes and can assure anything like this won't happen again. I hope this doesn't affect my chances at a role I believe I am one of the most qualified people on the server to do.

Why should you be the economic manager? I think I am very qualified for this role because I have been playing on the server consistently since 2013, have experience being a staff member, and have lots of experience with projects that were central to the development of the server (such as building CB, WC, working on RC, and other rule additions/policy changes while invovled with staff). As a 7+ year veteran, I have a great understanding of the dynamics of the server, how the economy works, where its problems lie, and how these problems can be solved realistically, even with limitations on the technical part of the server. I am still an extremely active player on the server, and I believe this is imperative for this position because someone who only plays once in a while is out of touch with the economic aspects of the server, more specifically, the supply and demand of land and its price, the supply and demand of goods and their respective prices, the money in circulation, where monopolies are developing, and the role of businesses on the economy. On top of this, I have no problem in receiving criticism and am happy to do so. I am a very objective person so I always naturally consider multiple perspectives and will not become emotional or take things personally when challenged. Criticism and review will be crucial for this position, as if an economic policy is implemented and is having adverse effects in another area, it must be reviewed and reconsidered. The person in this role must be level-headed and reasonable to understand and consider criticism and apply modifications to a policy where necessary.

Any ideas to put forward now: I have so many, but can try to sum them up in point-form.
- New players:
    - New players are essential to the economy, we need an effective tutorial and assistance to ensure new players are welcomed and are encouraged to remain within the community.
    - Additionally, effective marketing for more new players to discover the server.
- Jobs:
    - Creating ways for new players to get a job, whether through a player online at the same time or through pre-outlined jobs that can be set-up and completed at any time.
    - Creating departments that hire players to do jobs that are central to the function of the server. More specifically, significantly expanding and developing the player helper and city departments (to handle city tier duties and evictions) and perhaps create new departments for other necessary server functions.
    - Creating a way for map-art to be profitable, by perhaps creating map-art plots which do not cost their normal land value, and ensuring there is no way for this map-art to be duplicated or edited after purchase. This could allow map-art to become a reliable way of earning money, and more job creation could arise if map-art became a profitable business.
- Cities:
    - Incentivizing players to build in private cities as opposed to simply building in the wild, in a way that is beneficial for both city owners and land occupiers. (For example, building a factory, storage room, large mansion, etc. in a city/as an expansion of the city as opposed to simply in the middle of the wild)
    - Improve profitability of private cities, by providing rebates for "unused" land which improves the appearance of the city. For example, a complete or partial rebate for roads, parks, bodies of water, government buildings, etc.
    - Create a way for multiple-year-old cities owned by players who have been inactive for years to be brought back into use and relevance

- Businesses/Shops
    - Make proper use of the Government Trading Centre. This would require setting buy and sell prices that do not significantly interfere with the open market, and monitoring/adjusting them accordingly as supply and demand changes.
    - Ensure there are sufficient areas for players to open shops, whether they are small shop "stalls" as in VC and RC or larger "megastores".
    - The most significant idea I have is providing a way for people/businesses to specialize in the production of certain goods. I'm not sure how this would work with the technical aspect of the server, but it would greatly benefit the economy if some businesses were able to specialize in the production of a certain good. For example, Company Inc. has a tree farm where they are able to receive double the quantity of wood when harvesting trees, but this is available only at that tree farm location. This would incentivize that company to focus on the production of wood because that is what they are best able to produce. To prevent monopolies multiple businesses (a controlled amount) could have this capability. This could also open up an entirely new opportunity for new players to receive jobs. For example, at Company Inc.'s tree farm, only players with a "Lumberjack" capability could be able to harvest and receive double the amount of wood at these designated factories. These capabilities could be earned, perhaps at a designated place, like a server university. This idea could be applied to multiple goods.

Requested salary: I'm happy with the 1.5K/week.

I really believe I am one of the most qualified people on the server to handle this role, given my experience consistently playing on the server for so long, acting as a prominent staff member, and knowledge of economics. Thanks for your consideration, and I'm glad a role like this is finally being implemented as I think it's been needed for a long time.
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Re: [Gov job] Hiring economy adviser.

Postby Mrbusin3ss » Wed May 13, 2020 7:37 pm

In-game name: Mrbusin3ss
Discord name (including tag): Twisted Trainer#8757
Any actual economic qualifications? (doesn't matter if you don't, but having them might make people prefer you)
I got a b in Economics, an F in chemistry, and a D in US gov. I watch the economy and I'm paying attention to the economy and all money going around the server. I really don't but I gotta your attention some way to my post.
Any significant bans?
No, but I did get kicked outta the discord for responding to a staff member the exact same thing he responded to me with. ( i got a warning he didn't :()
Why should you be an economic manager?
I want to better the community by making sure that we have an incoming amount of sales (inflation) but not a insane inflation. Regular inflation that every country and economy goes though with small percentages going up. I also want to make sure there's not an insane deflation or inflation of forsales. I want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and Hellominers doesn't get completely ruined.
Any ideas to put forward now?
I want to bring back the GTC because every player wants it back but changes the selling price of stone etc etc to the GTC so that way that isn't the only to bring in income. That players aren't just mining stone because it's the best money and is actually playing the server.
Next, I want to push new player cities and find a way to get new players to private cities so we can push the money around the server.
I also want to get the city removal team up and running again so we can get jobs out to the community and new players so we can also spread money throughout the server.
I want to add new ways to bring forsales into the server on top of bringing back the GTC so that players are doing multiple things. I want to look at ways of bringing forsales into the economy other than fishing and new players and make sure everything is balanced. I also believe that we should carefully test anything that will bring forsales into the economy so things arent happening. Next, I want to watch out for monopolies and also ways to stop players from hopping on every 2 months for 10 minutes and saying hi to everyone so they don't look property in gov cities. All front row buildings and more should be active and involved with the server. I also want to limit people from owning whole cities or just the front couple rows. This is all I have for now and I know it's unorganized, but that doesn't mean I won't take on the economy correctly, and I don't want to take away the players favorite methods I just want to balance everything and keep the economy running smoothly
Requested salary: I don't care about income too much as of now.