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[Suggestion] Lowering the pvp ban/removing it to a warning

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I agree with shortening the ban
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Re: [Suggestion] Lowering the pvp ban/removing it to a warni

Postby Dylad » Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:35 pm

jojojujujackjack wrote:2 weeks iss stilll a llot for something so smalll tthough...

Doesn't hurt anyone either at all. Things that hurt people sometimes have a shorter ban.
Doesn't make much sense, I would honestly remove the ban and just anticipate a warning for the offense, depending on how many are killed and if it's a clear act of a troll.
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Re: [Suggestion] Lowering the pvp ban/removing it to a warni

Postby o_o » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:03 am

ya i agreee

Re: [Suggestion] Lowering the pvp ban/removing it to a warni

Postby Endershack » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:11 am

Dylad wrote:Hello!
About a month ago, I had been banned for illegal pvp in the public mine as seen here
Now, I admit that I broke that pvp rule and I knew about it, yet I truly felt the ban was extremely unfair for all those who went through it.
Im fact, Amazon_Alexa was just banned for pushing someone into water while they were afk, which killed them.
View that at Now, I do not very much like Amazon_Alexa that much, but I feel bad for the ban for something so simple.
Now, the pvp rule was apparently made when there was a loss from it with keep inventory off. Well look at us now, we have it on and there is no loss besides walking back to the place that the person was killed.
The_Gaming_Cow had recently been banned for completely insulting Mr_Bloomberg on a major scale (sorry for the example), which can be viewed here at He later apologized, but he got a 1 week ban for that. 2 week when something as simple as setting someone on fire, putting them in lava or water, and more. 2 weeks when something as simple as affecting the players in game efficiency by having to walk back to the location he or she was killed. And a 1 week ban for something that can affect someone's life outside of the game on a large scale. That's just one example of how unequal these bans are.
I strongly believe after experiencing the pvp ban to its full extent that it must be lowered. Now 2 weeks, not 1 week, but a few days would fit the degree per kill.
I was reported for the reporters own personal reasons, which in most of the case is how it goes down. I also believe a suggestion is needed to solve that issue as well, but this isn't the one.
It's been too long that a 2 week ban for something so minor has stayed in the rules.
It doesn't fit the server anymore.
I also suggest possibly removing the ban for players to only receive a warning per kill. After that, I even think that the player would still learn from the mistakes, but a ban as long as 2 weeks no longer fits the server.
Post your opinions below.
Also, sorry it isn't the best looking suggestion, I typed it up on my phone.
Cheers, Dylad

lmaoooooo i've killed some noobs in the public mine before, that shit funny as hell lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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