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The Community....

Postby ~ManoMan » Wed Aug 28, 2019 5:49 pm

Hey y'all,
Today i wanted to talk about the most important imo thing of a server like HelloMiners , The COMMUNITY. Back at 2016 when i first joined , users of the HM were more united as a family , as a real community. In server issues they always helped , most of the ppl were willing to help everyone , ESPECIALLY new players. Now , 3 years later , all this has collapsed. The community is now just like irl; PROFIT- POPULARITY Based. That means , that most of the ppl only care about the profit, not for the community (capitalism), and when i say popularity-based , i mean that most ''credits'' are given to the most popular players. Like in a contest , the talent doesnt matter anymore . Its all about the popularity. The community has turned to be very very hard on new players , which is a shame . Player- Helpers were supposed to help , i wont say they didnt at whole but it doesnt have great results , as most of the new players get bored and quit , which in addition with veterans quitting , it makes Hellominers smaller. Another thing i want to issue is the negativity and the arrogance some players bring. They care only and only for themselves. They talk in a very negative way , full arrogance and only self-caring.
Now Why did i list all those above? Is there a point?
Ive seen multiple times in those months the downfall of HM first hand , like many others. Its depressing to see a server like this to be at the edge of the cliff. It annoys me the fact that only the staff team is blamed. The staff team is trying everything within their power to help , even though high-ranked admins like ofc Winter , succeeded, the owner ofc arent active AT ALL. Ofc as a community we have every right to comment on the staff team , this happens most of the time. But its not only their fault. We as a community at whole have problems. We need to unite in order to help the server. Leave the profits aside. Work for the good for all ffs. Now that the server is in trouble , we have to UNITE , in order to help . We have to stop looking for the good of ourselves and look out for the good of the server . The server must be over everything and everyone . The good of the server should be a priority. We as a community have to see what we have done wrong and fix it. The key to be stable is a strong community , a united community.
Its our last chance.Lets create a future for us and the new ones coming.
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