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Palm Shores Needs Your Help!

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Palm Shores Needs Your Help!

Postby MrPumpcan » Mon Oct 08, 2018 10:34 pm

Hey everyone its MrPumpcan and today I'm proud to announce my company's plans for Plague Island.Palm shores is planning to accorior plague island resort by December of this year.The reason is so that Palm Shores can grow and expand into hellominers largest Private Resort company.

Why Does Palm Need My Help
Palm needs your help paying the resort off.if noone knows this Palm Shoes main resort costed palm 59K to purchase with its 45K in land price.Plauge is being Bought for 200K and Palm Shores is asking 23 companys to donate 30K to help pay the resort off below are the perks

Free stays and food.
10-20K free stays and food plus free games
20K+free stays and food plus free games and free pear visits plus fastpass on select rides.

The Changes Palm Will Make
Palm is spending 40K into this resort we will be adding pier like the Santa Monica Pier. The pier will have rides in food but will cost 50F per day to use.(PSR Members Get In Free)
Palm will furnish rooms resort wide and allow players to rent condos at the resort.

How Does Palm Guaranty That My Money Goes Toward Palm Shores Plague Island Resort
Each person that donates will pay the seller when we have all the money collected.

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Companies/Citys I Own

Pumpcan Corp
Palm Shores
Centx Banks
Certified Player Helper For Hellominers
Eagleton City

Net Worth 350K+
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Re: Palm Shores Needs Your Help!

Postby KoolKid » Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:30 am