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iCentiPay | Offline payments, online shopping platform

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iCentiPay | Offline payments, online shopping platform

Postby supermagicalplay » Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:12 am

When we developed iCentiPay, it's main purposes is to enhance your payment experience, and let businesses, small and large, have a chance to grow. When we decided to have online shopping, it was all to enable you to have more places to spend, easier ways to pay, and generally a better experience.

At the heart of iCentiPay, we believe that our service should be free. That's why, you won't find any hidden fees, or any fees for that matter. Of course, you can always donate. We believe in free, and community. Since you are the community, you power iCentiPay. For this, we want to let you know that you can give us suggestions on Discord, and if we see that it's possible and reasonable, we will definitely implement it. After all, you power iCentiPay, so you get to decide what iCentiPay becomes. You can provide suggestions in our Discord server:

Additionally, iCentiPay was made from the ground up to make your payment experience better. That's why, we want to remind you that offline payments are what we were built on. After spending months, perfecting and curating our payment system, we think our offline payments is definitely an important feature to check out. In the end, we were built on this feature.

In conclusion, we believe in simplicity, free, and community. With these core beliefs, we've made iCentiPay just that. Not only that, there are no fees whatsoever, you get to decide what features iCentiPay gets, and you can use iCentiPay to easily pay others, or purchase items!

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