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[Flunited] Company presentation + Social services

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[Flunited] Company presentation + Social services

Postby taloju » Wed Aug 15, 2018 6:34 pm

FLunited Logo
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About Flunited
FLunited is a company that groups several sub-companies, dedicated to provide different services.
The goal of FLunited is not only to earn money, but also to provide social assistance, so 2 of our sub-companies are non-profit.

- DiamOH!nd: Mineral sales store, with branches in Crystal Bay, Montego Bay, Solaris City and Valley City
- Internation Archendale University (IAU): Non-profit university where anyone is taught about economics, architecture, business or design. It required an investment of more than 25k forsals. The campus was built on 5 merged plots in Archendale.
- Marine Apartments: High quality apartments, located in Crystal Bay, Montego Bay and Solaris City
- LatinHelp: Free apartments for people who do not speak English and have difficulty communicating in HM. Buildings located in Ancient Greece, Ashford and Montego Bay.
- Ancient Greece: Ancient Greek style city with beautiful landscape that, since August 2018 will be managed by the company.

The Monbay HQ was already built
The company acquired 4 buildings on Ferron Island
The construction of the Solaris City HQ began

Job positions
FLunited will soon open very varied jobs.
FLunited will give salaries per week, plus commissions and exclusive houses.
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Owner of the city of Ancient Greece

CEO of Petrominers

Director of the Organization for statistics and economy

CEO of Flunited Corporation

Rector and teacher of International Archendale University

Networth: ~760000

9 years of experience in minecraft